What is Beacon Resource’s Most Popular Industry Served?


October 13, 2017 • Finance

Beacon Resources serves a lot of different and interesting industries. Some of those industries are aerospace, apparel, business services, energy and engineering services, retail and apparel, software and technology, real estate, healthcare, and several of the life sciences. There are so many major industries that are related to California, but there is no doubt that the one people know most about is the entertainment industry, and it is the finance recruitment agencies job to find the best and most knowledgeable people who can help their clients with their financial needs.


The Entertainment Industry

 Beacon is very much a multi-industry service provider, but no industry is as popular as the entertainment industry in the areas they serve. With a firm presence in the Greater Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco and Bay Area markets, it is not surprising that the entertainment and general business services are some of the most popular industries that Beacon Resources serves. This, of course, has everything to do with the location in which the company operates, and the fact that the entertainment industry needs accountants too for budgeting, book balancing, and all of the many other items accountants handle on a daily basis.


Importance of the “Right” Person

 Beacon works across so many industries because all industries need some sort of accounting and/ or finance work done. Companies cannot survive without people who manage the financial aspects of the business. The handling of the finances is an integral part to the success of any company. This is why recruiters are looking for, and staff the best in the field. It is the accounting recruiters’ job to make sure they are finding the most qualified employee for their clients business, regardless of the industry. That is what makes a recruitment firm successful; they are able to find people who can cross over from industry to industry and be successful in that industry.



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