Constrictions of Shipping Internationally to China

October 26, 2016 • Finance

Shipping to China isn’t as easy as shipping in the UK. With country specific rules and regulations to follow, a beginner needs a little help cracking the Asian imports market. Here are some of the main constrictions when shipping to China that need to be considered before you pop your parcel in the post:

Duty and Tax

As one of the world’s most major business hubs, thousands of parcels go in and out of China every single day. All goods going to China must go through customs where they’ll be subject to duty and tax. Customs charges are the responsibility of the recipient to pay upon entry. In order to make sure that your shipment makes it successfully through customs you’ll need to enclose a customs invoice which displays all of the following details:

  • Country of manufacture
  • Individual Value of Each Item
  • A Description of the Content


Tariff Code

One of the most important things to remember when shipping to China is that all items require a tariff code in order to enter the country. At the website, you’ll be able to find all the most up to date HS tariff codes to ensure that you get it right

Addressing your Parcel

Addressing a parcel to China can be slightly more difficult than somewhere in the EU. Usually addresses in China start with the largest geographical component, and end with the smallest one being the addressee. As this can be confusing, there’s a clear and easy to follow guide created by the Universal Postal Union, for you to follow.

Restricted Items

As one of the largest exporters in the world, imports in China are strict with many restricted items. It’s important to consult the list before exporting to China as there are many everyday items you may not realise are prohibited. These include the following: Alcohol, antiques, artwork, defence articles, used electrical equipment and machinery, E-Cigarettes, gambling devices, guns and firearms, jewellery, knives, military equipment Personal Effects, plants, promotion materials, products made in Iran, soil, toy guns and weapons.

Some items are prohibited in China for political reasons, this includes any good marked ‘Made in China’ or ‘Republic of China’, if you’re unsure about an item it’s best to consult to custom’s website before posting.

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