Credit Card Solutions for People with No Credit

January 26, 2017 • Finance

You’ve heard the saying before for sure, “Having no credit is just as bad as having a poor credit rating,” and to some extent that might be true.  But this doesn’t mean there isn’t a way for a person to establish credit. In fact, there are some easy ways to establish credit like paying bills on time, maintaining a checking account in good standing for a long period, and applying for a credit card. Yes, it is possible to get a credit card even if you have never had credit before and you can use innovative online resources to do so.

Finding Cards for People with No Credit

Among the online resources a person can use to identify a credit card appropriate for a person with no credit is A financial site offering the best credit card solutions and financial information and advice to consumers seeking credit resources.  Even those who have had trouble getting credit in the past can take advantage of some of solutions on Effectify and thereby gain the benefit of having the power of a credit card in hand.  Let’s face it, it is always nice to have it as an emergency funding source when a week or two during the month gets a bit tight or when you want to make a big-ticket purchase in one fell swoop. They add convenience to our lives and even help us in establishing more credit in the future as we pay the bills on time.

Why You Need It Now

These days being without a credit card can make things pretty difficult.  If you want to get a hotel room some require that you have a valid credit card as a backup source even if you pay cash for the room.  Some car rental places won’t let you rent a car unless you have a valid credit card. And of course, with no credit or even poor credit, you can anticipate some of your bills costing more – like auto insurance.  If you want to rent an apartment and you have no credit you might lose out on the chance.  Effectify knows how important credit establishment is so it is always presenting feasible solutions for those seeking a chance to get on the credit building bandwagon.

Types of Credit Cards Available

Effectify makes every kind of credit card available from a slew of high quality creditors. Reward cards, with low APRs, with no APRs for an introductory period, and with balance transfer options.  With balance transfer you can consolidate some of your credit card bills and take advantage of a lower interest rate in some instances.  There are for students, individual consumers, and businesses alike.  Effectify gives you access to powerful credit card offer filters so you limit the offers to meet your exact specifications.  Then all that’s left to do is compare and apply.


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