Learn How Start-ups are Saving Money on Their Office Rent

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July 5, 2017 • Finance

In business, you must come up with the money to continue funding your dreams on an ongoing basis. There is a word in the business world called bootstrapping. Bootstrapping means running your business with minimal funds and find ways to save money. You could do things such as turning off the heating or catching the bus to save money to invest in your business, but who would want to do that? One of the biggest costs for all businesses around the world is office space. It is exactly like rent – you are spending money just to pay off someone’s else debt or fund their next boat purchase.

Reducing your operating costs comes in large part from being smarter with your money! One of the ways to do this is look at creative ways of saving money on your office space. You need to get creative about how to save money on office space, which is going to mean more money to invest back into your business. You can choose Servcorp for cost-saving virtual offices.

1) Cutting costs and saving on the bottom line

In the business game, costs can kill you – and quickly. If you have no physical office space, you are reducing costs of the office lease, utility payments and hardware. On top of all of those costs are all of the other costs that come along with managing your own space, particularly if you are locked into a contract that is ridiculously expensive. Once you start cutting costs and putting more money back into your business, your future self will really start to thank you.


2) Cutting your tech costs

Finding a virtual office can be extremely easy if you know the right place to look, and once you do, you need to see if you can get a tech package as a part of that contract that you enter in to. Many companies pay for a number of different programs that can really affect how money profit you are making at the end of the day. You should look for a company for your virtual office that has a package that includes everything you need to keep your operation running. A lot of people worry about the cyber risks and security risks, but in this situation, you should put a process in place to ensure you are well protected from any potential hacks.


3) Better productivity

Ever heard of water cooler talk? That is valuable company time that is being chewed up with a lack of productivity. With people working around their own schedule, and a more deliverables focused workforce, you will find increased productivity. The one thing you don’t want in your company is people coming in, stamping their punchcard and then taking off never to think of the project again. Giving people more flexibility is paramount in making sure things get done.


4) Reduce your tax bill

Depending on where you live and where your business is, there is much you can claim on your tax to try and reduce your bill when you are living at home. Find a great accountant and have a conversation about the best ways to reduce your tax bill using your principal place of interest.

Amongst other ways, start-ups can save a lot of money using a non-traditional office. Looking for a virtual office is the easiest way to cut costs and look at reinvesting that money back into the business. Research, speak to a company in the space and look for examples of other people in the space to see how to do it right. It can save you a lot of money in the long term!


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