5 Reasons Why People Love Cords

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October 3, 2017 • Lifestyle

Return-of-CordsOriginally made by Egyptian weavers who discovered that thick twills and coarse sateen were tough enough to endure brushing, the process helped make these fabrics soft. Royals enjoyed the novelty of brushed fabrics after they were imported from Egypt to Italy during the Middle Ages.

Although corduroy has been around for over two thousand years and was most popular in the 20th century, 2017 has seen the #CorduroyComeback; as is evident in the Autumn/Winter 2017 fashion collections.

Marc Jacobs used thick and heavy designs for their corduroy line, evident from the catwalk and pictures of Kendall Jenner who wore matching corduroy trousers and jacket. On the other hand, Nina Ricci took a more toned down approach to cords with mid-length skirts and tan corduroy trousers. Prada and Mulberry seem to have taken cues from Marc Jacobs, as they debuted trousers that trailed the floor with oversized jackets and pink maxi skirts with slouchy jumpers respectively.

This fabric is best for the cooler weather that is approaching and whatever some may say, corduroy is back.

Reasons to love cords may be as simple as the fact that they are a classic, or that they are warm or even because they make you look smart!  https://www.chums.co.uk/ created this list with the top five reasons why people love cords;

  • Trousers

Casual corduroy trousers have always been a safe choice for laid back events, such as Sunday brunch. But you can also wear this classic for official nights out, for work, or even for formal events, like weddings. Corduroy trousers can be worn by men, women and kids alike.

  • Jackets

The cold weather that winter comes with is fast approaching and at a time when everyone is layering their clothes. A sturdy, heavy and warm corduroy jacket is exactly what you need during this season and the warm fabric is what makes them such a popular choice.

  • Shirts

This may seem like an unusual addition to this list; but due to the soft, warm and velvety feeling of corduroy, shirts made of this fabric are sure to keep you warm and toasty – even if you don’t have a heavy jacket on.

  • Skirts

Be it a mini, maxi, pencil, long or short skirt, corduroy skirts are perfect for those who still want to wear skirts in autumn and winter without freezing their legs off. Pair cord skirts with stockings and boots for a casual and warm look.

  • Dresses

Like the skirts, corduroy dresses come in all shapes and sizes and the soft fabric make them much more pleasant.

In addition to these five reasons, people generally love corduroy for its warm, soft and classic feel. Wearing a full corduroy ensemble is completely accepted and corduroy accessories go perfectly with other fabrics too.

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