5 Things You Need to Organize an Event

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October 9, 2017 • Finance, Lifestyle

Despite what many people think, organizing an event is fairly simple and depending on the size of the event, one can be planned within a week. In fact, planning a functional and successful event is so easy that it can be done in just a few steps. Here are five things you need to organize an event;

1. Online Event Registration

With the amazing technological advances in the world, a quick and efficient way to get attendees for your event is through online registrations. There are three main benefits to online registrations:

  1. Get more attendees – Online registrations are guaranteed to get more people to register for your event than ever before. This is because combined with a beautifully designed and mobile friendly form; online event registrations are as easy as a few taps.
  2. Spotlight your style – The ability to market and brand your event with customizable colors and add images makes your event more attractive to people to attend it.
  3. Accept payment – In the case that you will be charging for attendance to your event, online registrations allow for quick transactions by allowing you to accept credit card payment and in turn, automatically send receipts.

Finding a good online event registration service is essential to pave a smooth path for the rest of your event.

2. A purpose for your event

The next thing on your event agenda should be the purpose. What is the event for? What message, or cause, do you want to send to the attendees?

The purpose of the event is crucial, as it will affect everything related to it, including the theme, logistics and order of speakers. Whether you are the host or not, choosing and detailing the purpose of the event is paramount. So, do your research and understand everything related to that topic or centre point.

3. Event team

Once the purpose of the event is established and firmly in mind, the next step is assembling the event team. This event team can then be divided into smaller sections and each can elect a chairperson or speaker to report progress. Picking an event manager is vital and the advised subgroups/teams are;

  • Design
  • Venue management
  • Entertainment
  • Publicity
  • Volunteer management
  • Speakers and contributors
  • Sponsors and financers

An event team will get the work done much faster and effectively than a jumbled mess of disorganization.

4. Date and time

The date and time of an event is crucial no matter what the purpose or theme is. You cannot have a winter party on a hot summer day and you cannot have a political fundraiser amidst funerals and mourners. Select your date wisely so that it does not clash with any other event and the venue accordingly.

5. Marketing

Utilize social media and mainstream media avenues to get the news of your event out to the masses. While the aggressiveness of your marketing campaign depends on the size of your event, getting as many people as possible interested in it will then get the word out faster.

A successful event is often marked as the one which gets to full expected capacity and sometimes even exceeding!

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