5 Tips to Build Your Dream Garden

Dream garden

March 22, 2018 • Lifestyle

Winter is over and spring is coming! This means warmer and better weather that should inspire your inner garden designer to finally wake up after these cold months and go out and start working on creating your dream garden! First of all, you should choose the type of garden that suits your style and desires the most. You can grow vegetables, beautify the balcony with flowers and many more.

For gardening, the right timing is one of the crucial factors. So, if you already haven’t started preparing, make a plan and begin as soon as possible! In this article we will try to help you out and provide you some of the things you should pay the most attention while building up your dream garden.


1.    Prepare Your Tools

First of all, you need tools. Take your pruning shears, shovels, lawn mower and other ones, clean them up and sharper them. Having the functional tools will result into decreasing the time and effort you are investing in building your garden. Another good advice is to clean and sharpen them after each use so they can be more durable and efficient.

2.    Start Small

If you aren’t experienced in gardening or if you find yourself stuck between different ideas and desires and you don’t know where to start, make some smaller steps first. Try container gardening, indoors gardening or bag gardens that require not so much effort and that will inspire your next, bigger moves.

3.    Prepare the Soil

Before seeing your plants all grown, you have to buy some seeds or plantings and put them in the soil. You will need different soil’s physical characteristics in order to grow the plant you want. Before proceeding, take a soil test kit and find out what amendments you need to get the wanted results.

 4.    Carefully Choose Your Plants

Choosing the plants is one of the most important steps.  There are different types of plants and many of them require different treatments. The right choice depends on numerous factors, such as the space available for your garden, characteristics of your territory, climate, lighting, water etc. You should always position your plants where the sun shines and match the plants colors with the colors of the area around them.

5.    Know the Plants

In order to choose the right methods for developing and gardening your plants so they can be beautiful and healthy, you need to know your plants, their characteristics, how big they can grow, how long do they grow  and when you can eat them, when you should plant the seeds and when to harvest etc. So, before starting your gardening project, make sure to get informed about all of this!

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