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June 28, 2018 • Lifestyle

Farm life is a different life. Most people can’t imagine how it would be to work on a farm, or grow up on one. If you didn’t grow up on a farm, you don’t know what you’re missing. If you did, then you know how fantastic farm life can be.

You might be wondering if farm life is right for you. Do you want to become a farmer and start making your living in the great outdoors? Or, you might have grown up on a farm. Right now, you just want to reminisce about what makes farm life truly special. You might be working on a farm right now, and while the day to day work is hard, you know that you wouldn’t trade your job for anything.

If you’re interested in farming, or just want to remember why it’s so special, take a look at the following list. Farm life might be right for your family for one of the following reasons. Whether it’s the independence, the opportunities for your kids, the flexibility, or the daily chance to learn something new, you chose farm life, or are considering farm life, for a reason.

You Get to Be Independent

When you run your own farm, you’re your own boss. You might have worked other jobs in the past, and you hate answering to a manager. You want to call your own shots, and be responsible for when you get to go on vacation and stop working every day. Farm life can offer you that independence, and you get to make all your own decisions, from what to grow, to what agricultural metal roofing to buy, to what day you should begin harvesting.

Some people might be daunted by that kind of pressure. After all, if something goes wrong, it’s all on you, and any threats your farm experiences must be handled by you alone. Independence always comes with a cost, but for the farmer, it’s always worth it. With farming, you get to shape the face of your future, all on your own. It’s a freedom most people crave, but never get.

It’s Better for Your Kids

If you grew up on a farm, you tend to cherish your memories of farm life. You might have had just the opposite, and you want your kids to grow up in a safer, better world than you did. On a farm, your kids will be farther from certain city advantages, like some after school groups, theater troupes, choirs, and more. Farm life, however, comes with its own advantages for them.


On a farm, your kids will have a series of chores with which they help you, which can be a great way to teach them about responsibility and caring for things. They’ll be surrounded by fresh air and endless outdoor opportunities, like jumping on a GetTrampoline trampoline, swinging on a tire swing, or playing in the river. In other words, they’ll be able to enjoy a simpler, healthier life up close. They might be cut off from some opportunities, but farm life is an amazing opportunity in and of itself.

Your Schedule is Lighter in the Winter

While no farmer stops working when it starts to snow, there is less to do. When you’re not planting or harvesting (although you do harvest a little in the winter, too, depending on where you live), you have more free time during the winter months. That gives you plenty of time to prepare for next spring, with everything from planning and purchasing to doing your taxes.

It also provides your family with options. Most people work the same number of hours every week, and they have to answer to a boss when they want to take time off. You’re your own boss, and your winter farm will keep to itself for a few days. You can go on a family trip with greater ease, to visit Disney World or explore Henry County, Georgia. If you want to take your family somewhere, you’ll have an easier time than most people, because of your lighter winter load.

You Still Have Options

A hundred years ago, a farmer was more or less isolated, apart from his surrounding community. You probably still love and value your surrounding community, but you’re not isolated anymore. With the internet, both you and your family have options that you otherwise wouldn’t. You can rent any movie you want without leaving your home, and you can order an unusual product at the touch of a button.

Your kids and family also have options for school, as well. Your spouse might want to earn their masters while you continue to farm. They can enroll in an online degree program and earn their degree at home, on their own schedule. Your kids, if the nearby school isn’t all you hoped, can take high school classes online through a virtual academy. Just because you’re enjoying the vast beauty of nature doesn’t mean you’re isolated from opportunities.


You’re Always Learning

From the day you started your farm to today, you’ve always been learning something new. Each year, you get better at catching early problems in your fields. Each year, you find more efficient ways of doings things. In every job, a worker is always learning new things. As a farmer, however, you’re learning new things each and every day.

The longer you have your farm, the more your skills increase, as well. You might have started out with cows and moved to corn. Or started out with corn or moved to cows. You might even tackle both at once. Your experiences grow the more new things you try on your farm, since each type of farm comes with plenty of new skills you have to possess. Learning new things every day is good for your brain, and good for you as a person. With farming, you know that you’re enjoying that chance to learn, every day.

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