Are You Cut Out to be a Nurse?

November 30, 2016 • Lifestyle

Nursing is not for everyone. There are some people who keel over at the sight of blood and others who are more concerned about their own physical ailments – real or imagined – than anyone else’s. If you do have an affinity for nursing, it’s an excellent career. Jobs are always plentiful and if you are ambitious, you can always look at online doctoral nursing programs.

Nurses are pillars of the community and always in demand, no matter where in the world you decide to settle. However, before you sign up for a nursing program, you need to make sure you are actually cut out to be a nurse, as nurse training is long and arduous, so it’s best not to go there unless you have a natural affinity for the profession. Read on and see how many boxes you tick!


You’re Not Squeamish

You can’t afford to be squeamish if you are entering the nursing profession. Nurses have to deal with all kinds of bodily fluids and mess. It’s not pretty, so you need a strong stomach. If this type of thing does bother you, in time, you will get used to it, but it does help if you are strong enough to cope with whatever life as a nurse throws at you.

You Love Science

Nursing is a science-based degree. You will learn all about human biology, as well as how to apply your knowledge to human patients. If you subsequently decide to progress to a nurse practitioner doctorate degree, the science element is even more challenging. Because of this, nursing is not a good career choice if you flunked science in school.

You Want to Make a Difference

Nurses make a huge difference to their patients and to the world in general. Since the days of Florence Nightingale, nurses have tended the sick and advised patients how to get well. You have to want to help people, even if they don’t always want to be helped. If you are motivated by money, nursing is not the job for you. Instead, look at doing a law degree.

young hospital workers in scrubs

You are Naturally Empathetic

Nurses need to have bags of empathy. They have to be great listeners, of both patients and their families. It’s your job to put yourself in your patient’s shoes and understand how they are feeling. The more natural empathy you have, the easier it will be to relate to people, and therefore be a better nurse.

You Can Apply Theory to Practice

In the early stages of nurse training, you will be expected to ingest an awful lot of theory. The true test comes when you need to apply your theory to the practical side of nursing. Can you take the information you learn in class and use it in a hospital setting? If so, nursing school will be a breeze.

The nursing industry has solid growth potential, so if you decide to register for nursing school, you can look forward to having a job for life.

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