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July 5, 2018 • Lifestyle

The types of clothes we’re wearing tells a lot about ourselves. Many trends changed during the years, some more than others. Trends are set by promotions and different influential people and events. Understanding the ways that trend setters influenced the world means starting from the bottom – how they started and developed into the trends that shaped the wearing habits for many generations. Thanks to the help of Triology stores, retailers of Rixo Dresses, we analyzed the history of fashion trends for you.

1.    On The Top

The popularity of wearing underwear as outwears was created by Madonna in the nineties, because of her cone-shaped corset designed by Paul Gaultier. Also, Lindsay Lohan had a black corset top layered over a white shirt on a catwalk. Trend didn’t die because this year we have seen Kardashian family reviving it with a “mini corset” worn around the waist with the goal of showing off curves over a loose shirt dress. The other quirky fashion trend were the denim overalls made famous by the Fresh Prince and other nineties celebrities.

2.    Cropped Pants

Cropped trouser leg was the top trend between the nineties and the mid-noughties. Back in the days, popular pedal pushers were either denim or a pale pastel shade. Spice Girls and Christina Aguilera did a great job in promoting the denim trend. After we saw Jennifer Lawrence and Selena Gomez wearing cropped jeans with heels, we can say this this trend is definitely coming back.

Together with the jeans, cropped combat trousers were popular as well. All Saints, a British girl band loved it, so they wore cargo pants, crop tops and trainers with the tongue out of the trouser leg.

Two-pieces tracksuits were very also very popular. Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Paris Hilton were responsible for the trend’s fame. But, it was later forgotten as time passed by.

3.    Footwear

The Spice Girls created one more trend – platformed trainers. Platformed trainers were either white tennis shoes, lace-up boots or sandals. The trend had a great influence and it returned later thanks to Rihanna’s range of Puma platformed trainers and Gucci’s rainbow platform metallic sneakers.

Another trend belonging to footwear was jelly shoes. The jelly shoes were first created in the World War II by a French shoemaker who made it from plastic. This trend was popular for a while, but it was forgotten throughout years.

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