Easy Tips to Save For Your Next Holiday

September 8, 2015 • Lifestyle

Holidays are the best, aren’t they? You go to your favourite place(s) either with your favourite people or alone. You spend your days doing whatever your heart desires, every meal is eaten out in a restaurant and you can read and relax as much as you want. I personally adore going on holiday and have ensured that I get more than the average number of holiday days a year. Many people think holidays have to be expensive – and while some of them are – they can be affordable if you choose a smart destination. Before you can start planning your next holiday, you’ll need to get some savings behind you. Here are my favourite easy tips to save for your next holiday:

1) Get Inspired

Make the holiday feel real! Set your phone’s background to your dream destination. Start researching where you’d like to go and what you’d like to do in Tripadvisor. Talk to friends and family who have already been there for tips and advice. Do whatever you can to get really inspired and interested in your upcoming holiday as it will make the following things easier.

2) Little By Little

Don’t be too restrictive or too ambitious with your savings goals. Aim to save a little each day to put towards your holiday. I like to ask myself whether I want to spend $4 on a Starbucks coffee, or whether I’d prefer to save that money and enjoy a coffee on my holiday. Almost always the holiday wins. Small changes over a long period of time will net huge results.

3) Put Yourself on a Shopping Ban

Chances are when you’re away you’re going to want to buy some new clothes or things to take home with you. As such, I suggest putting yourself on a spending ban to help curb your spending. It might be as short as a few days, or it might go on for a whole month. I find that putting myself on a spending ban during the week and relaxing on the weekends is a great way to keep saving without feeling too restricted.

4) Put Your Savings in an Account You Can’t Access

My holiday savings go into an account I can’t access from my card. The only way I can see that account is by logging onto my online banking. Furthermore, I have quite high penalties if I withdraw money, which is a perfect deterrent. I know that if I take out as little as $5 from that account, I’m going to lose all the interest I gained for that month, so I don’t touch it.

Saving for an upcoming holiday or adventure can be hard, especially when it seems really far away. But these simple, easy tips can help you save better than ever before!

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