Easy Ways to Earn Extra Cash

April 26, 2015 • Lifestyle

Whether you’re mid way through your studies and desperate for a bit more play money, or already working a full time job, but want a little extra money to put towards your next holiday or home payment, these easy ways to earn extra cash can be super helpful. Often it takes a fresh look at a situation before you come up with some good ideas, but I’ve already brainstormed some of the best side hustles to make it easy for you to get inspired and to get earning!

1) Babysitting

Okay, this might feel very high school, but hear me out. If you babysit older kids, the responsibility is quite low, often they’ll just want to chill and watch movies, play on the internet or stare at their phone for hours on end. This means, if you’re studying you can get some homework out of the way, or if you’ve been busy working you can also chill out and relax while getting paid for it. How does that sound?

2) Working Online

There are an abundance of opportunities online, depending on what your skillset is. Love writing? Why not consider doing some copywriting online. Perhaps you have a special talent with design? I’m sure someone out there needs a new logo. One of the main sites to look for work is UpWork.com so check it out and see if you have any skills you can sell as a side hustle.


3) Join Uber

Uber is a great way to make extra money. If you’ve not heard about it, basically it’s based around an App on the phone which connects a ‘rider’ – someone who needs a ride somewhere, with a ‘driver’. Basically, you become a taxi, but it has a few better features than a taxi, such as the ability for the rider to give the driver feedback. Also, payments are taken out automatically from the rider’s credit card, automatically, via the app. This makes it less awkward as there’s no exchange of cash. Furthermore, the costs are usually substantially less than a taxi, making it a very appealing alternative. As a driver you can earn spare cash whenever you’re free, just turn the app on and start earning.

4) Odd Chores

You’ll be surprised by how many people in your neighborhood might need help with odd choirs. From sweeping the lawns when it’s snowy, to helping someone move home. Many supermarkets have areas where you can add a little flyer advertising your skill set. It’s a great way to find new opportunities.

5) Have a Yard Sale

Holding onto too much stuff you haven’t even looked at in the past year? Why not get rid of it, tidy up your storage space, and also make some cash along the way? You can either decide to do a traditional yard sale, or if that’s not your thing, why not consider listing the items on Ebay.

6) Online gambling

Gambling is one of the most common ways to earn some extra money. There is always a risk, but if you know the game well and have a defined strategy, you can earn a lot of money, there are many options available online but one of the favorite by many is Golden Bingo.

Earning a little extra cash can really add up over the long run.

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