Four Ways Yoga Can Transform Your Life

June 15, 2015 • Lifestyle

Do you have some friends who have disappeared into the world of yoga only to be rarely seen again? Don’t get why everyone’s wearing active wear and ‘laying on the mat’ for hours a day? Well, yoga can be really addictive. I’ve met numerous people who refused to try it because it looks so easy and surely couldn’t be a form of exercise, and I just think they’re really missing out! Obviously yoga’s not for everyone, but I do think that everyone could benefit from a little yoga in their lives. Here are four ways that yoga can transform your life.

1) Yoga Can Help Destress You

Modern life is stressful. We get up early, many of us spend an hour or more in traffic each day. We work in little cubicles pounding away at keyboards for hours and hours. Then we return to the crazy traffic, eat something microwaved for dinner and crash into bed to stare at our phones. It’s not the healthiest lifestyle, but it’s the one we’ve created in the modern world. When we’re stressed – which happens numerous times without the day – we breathe more shallowly and faster, activation our ‘fight or flight’ responses. In yoga, you intentionally slow down your breath, breathe deeper and hold it in longer. This creates a relaxing breath pattern that tells our subconscious we’re ok. It can really help minimise stress.

2) Increased Flexibility

I don’t think I know of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from a little more flexibility. The modern day seated position isn’t very good for our posture. In the past we would have spent hours a day moving, alternating between sitting and walking, whereas many of us now spend at least eight hours sat up in a chair staring at a computer screen. This posture isn’t great for us on a long term, ongoing basis, so incorporating some yoga practices into your day and increasing your flexibility and loosening up your muscles is a fantastic way to make yourself even healthier.

3) Great Way To Build Muscles

For those of you who think that yoga is easy, please do a handstand and then bring yourself into a seated position without touching your legs or feet on the floor. Not so easy, is it now? Many people who practice yoga have core strength the rest of us only dream of. Although, it doesn’t have to be a dream if you build up your practice.

4) Meet New Health Focused Friends

Yogis, perhaps more than anyone else, are interested in living a healthy, balanced life. I’ve had some of the most important and interesting chats of my life after a yoga class. As we leave high school or university and get into the corporate world, many of us forget to incorporate exercise into our daily routines. Having some friends who share the same sport likes as you is a great way to keep accountable and make it more social. Yoga is a great place to meet people, especially after class when you’re all blissed out.

Yoga is a wonderful sport that almost everyone could benefit from. I hope these four ways yoga can transform your life inspire you to get started doing more yoga!

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