Floor inspirations: Guide To The Best Feature Floor Ideas For Your Home

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August 16, 2018 • Lifestyle

In order to come up with a list of interesting flooring options, we asked a number of local carpet installers for their recommendations. The results were quite interesting. Most of your experts went far beyond the basics and produced a number of great options that will look good in many rooms of the home. If you want something different, but not too “crazy,” then consider one of these options.


Colored Wood

Wood doesn’t need to be wood colored. Let’s go into some depth on that idea. Rather than go for traditional wood stained colors like shades of brown, yellow, and red, just have the wood painted. This can go quite wrong if you don’t do it right, so make sure to either choose a type of paint meant for a wood floor and apply thin, even coats (as well as a top coat of sealant) or hire an expert. Your local carpet installers might know someone who can paint your wood floors for you.


Patterned Wood

By “patterned wood” we don’t mean wood that’s been painted with a pattern on it. Instead, we’re referring to wood floors that consist of many small tiles that have been arranged in a pattern. Some of the best of wood floors form either herringbone or zig-zag like shapes. Even better, you can choose two contrasting colors of wood to make the pattern stand out. Picture a herringbone made up of alternating dark and light colored wood. It would look pretty, right?


Textured Carpeting

Textured carpeting is another great option. This carpeting is not plain colored. Instead, it comes in a variety of patterns, some of which consists of different lengths of woven materials. A good texture carpet is comfortable to walk on and matched everything else in the room. You should keep in mind that if you choose a patterned, textured carpet, the other items in the room should be somewhat plain. Otherwise, they’ll compete with the carpet itself, which needs to stand out.


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Moroccan Tiles

Moroccan tiles can really make a room look colorful and interesting. Just keep in mind that if you choose a traditional Moroccan pattern, you should keep everything else in the room simple to help the tile stand out. This means that you’ll need plain colored walls and window coverings. Even better, you should pull a color from the tile and use it in the room. For example, if your tiles have bright blue in them, you can use that on the walls. It will really tie everything together.



Many home design experts tend to overlook rugs. They remain a valid flooring option and look great over a standard hardwood, laminate, or even tile floor. You don’t have to settle for plain colored rugs though, not as long as there are dozens of colorful and patterned options out there. Square and rectangular shaped rugs aren’t the only options anymore either! Just find one that complements everything else in the room, and you’ll be in good shape.

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