Handy Hints for Cutting Your Food Bill

October 5, 2015 • Lifestyle

If you make a list of all your monthly expenses, you’ll probably be surprised by how much you really spend on food. A muffin with your morning tea, a coffee to go – all these things add up quickly. If you’re wanting to focus on saving, investing or just want to cut down your expenses, here are some handy hints for cutting your food bill down.


1) Eat Out Less

I love eating out so I’m not going to tell you to never eat out of the home, but the price to eat something out versus what you’d spend to make it at home can often be a considerable difference. Do yourself a favour and limit how often you eat out. Set yourself a goal, and try your best to stick to it and watch the savings grow.

2) Make Bulk Meals

Yes, maybe it’s a little more work initially, but making bulk meals and freezing them is a great way to stretch your dollar and save time in the long run. I used to do bulk meals every Sunday and found that during the week I ate so much healthier because there was already something lovingly prepared and waiting for me.


3) Bargain Hunt

Buying things on special is a great way to reduce your food bill. Also consider buying non-name brand products. Often the non-name brand products taste just as good, but tend to have a more plain looking label. Saving thirty cents here and there on a cheaper product is a fantastic way to dramatically reduce your food bill.

4) Cut Coupons

I have friends who are obsessed with coupon cutting and if I’m completely honest I’ve never tried it. I’ve seen shows on TV where extreme coupon cutters use so many coupons that their food bills are only a few dollars, it’s amazing. This is something that may take a lot of your time, but can be really add up to big savings.

5) Entertain Smarter

Are you one of those people who loves to entertain, but finds themselves footing the bill? Why not host a potluck dinner, where everyone brings a plate, to reduce the stress and cost of having to prepare everything yourself. It’s a fun way to try new foods and flavours while still getting to be a host!

Food can be one of the biggest expenses in your bill, so use these tips to reduce your overall expenses and watch your savings account grow.


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