How Cycling can Improve your Life this Summer

June 29, 2016 • Lifestyle

For those who have suffered through a long, cold winter this year, you may be feeling like you just need to get out in the fresh air. The winter blues are actually known to be real, and many people suffer from depression in winter after being forced to stay inside all season and not getting enough sunshine.

However, now that summer is just around the corner, you may be pretty excited to get out and about. If you haven’t yet bought a bike, you’ve been missing out as cycling can make summer even more fun. Here are some ways that cycling can improve your life this summer:


You’ll save money

The money you’ll save by cycling will quickly pay for your new bike. Cycling into work will save you money on public transportation, gas and parking, and during the weekend you’ll be able to quickly and easily grab your bike and head out on any errands without having to constantly worry if you’ve left enough money in the parking metre.

You’ll be helping the environment

Studies have shown that we actually get more pleasure out of giving someone a gift and watching their reaction than we do from receiving a gift ourselves. By committing to cycling in the summer, you’re taking one more car off the road and helping the environment- something that you’ll feel good about all season.

Bikes take less energy to produce compared to vehicles, take up less space, and you’ll be dealing with less pollution from buses and cars on your daily commute compared to people stuck in traffic.

You’ll get healthier

Have you been wanting to lose those last few winter pounds? We tend to pack on weight over winter as we choose heavy comfort food, spend less time working out and plant ourselves in front of the TV and Netflix.

If you work in an office, you probably spend most of your day sitting on your butt- something that has been proven to be really bad for your health. Not only are you not burning any calories, but our bodies were designed to move so you probably feel tired and lethargic. Your tendons and muscles will get tight, making you more prone to injury, and your back and neck are likely to get sore from slumping over and staring at a computer all day.

Biking is a great way to get your daily exercise in for the day, get your blood pumping before you need to sit down at your desk, and loosen up after a day of being sedentary. Many offices are making life easier for people who commute and you’ll often find that your building has a shower so you can wear sweats for your commute and then freshen up and change.

You’ll be a better decision maker

Did you know that cardio actually improves your brain power? When you’re exercising you’re increasing blood flow and oxygen to your brain, meaning you’ll have a better memory, you’ll be better able to make key decisions, and you’ll have less chance of brain disease later in life.

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