Why it’s Important to Move at Work

September 8, 2016 • Lifestyle

If you’re like most people, it’s likely that you spend a large amount of time sitting down at work all day. While many of us have long known that this isn’t healthy, it has only been recently that scientists are beginning to learn exactly how bad this constant sitting really is.

It turns out that if you work in an office, you need to spend an hour every day exercising if you want to avoid an early death. Yikes.

There are a few different ways we can get enough exercise through the day. The first is to ensure that we’re moving around outside of work. That means, instead of driving to work you could consider walking to the train or bus station and then using public transport, taking up cycling, or at least parking further from the office so you need to walk to and from your desk.

We all know that we need to be working out to stay healthy, however most of us don’t have an extra hour every day. While joining a gym is a great idea, walking the dog, taking the kids to play in the park or going hiking during the weekend are all excellent ways to stay fit.


But what do you do when you’re actually at work?

Furniture at Work has launched a social media campaign to let people know how they can get moving, and to spread the latest craze- office yoga. The company has joined up with a top yoga teacher and has a super cute infographic that showcases the campaign.

I’ve recently noticed that my lower back has begun hurting. While I initially thought it was poor form from doing deadlifts at the gym, I noticed that it was actually particularly sore when I hadn’t worked out and had been sitting down all day.

Yoga is over 5,000 years old, and it’s likely that you know at least one person who has been telling you how great they feel after a session. Luckily, there are a number of great yoga stretches you can do at work while sitting at your desk, improving your health, flexibility and creativity.

A great stretch for those who get a tight neck is the chair cat cow stretch. This stretch improves balance and posture and also stretches and strengthens your neck and spine. While sitting on a chair, inhale while arching your back push your belly forward, and move your shoulders as far back as you can (cow position). As you exhale, you need to round your spine, bring your shoulders forward (into cat position) and look down. Keep moving between cat and cow for five breaths.

The stretch that I found the most helpful is the chair spinal twist which helps relieve back stiffness and pain. You sit sideways on the chair and then twist your torso towards the right while holding onto the back of the chair. Repeat on the other side and focus on lengthening your spine.

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