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January 17, 2018 • Lifestyle

The New Year has begun and every man now has some plans to portray himself as the most stylish man out there. Some are going for tailor made suits, some are betting on colors and some are just trying to have a casual sporty look. The aim of everyone is the same though; i.e., to look their best. Here are some of the major fashion trends for men in 2018 that are going to rock this year.


Black is never out of style and this is also applicable for this year. The choice may vary between custom suits, T-shirts or casual shirts. It also depends upon the occasion in which you will be wearing black. Just remember not to wear this color in the spring or summer season. Keep it for special occasions.


White is something very hard to resist and there are many fashion designers who are betting on white this year. That’s why, you will find a variety of custom suits or various other dresses and accessories in white color by all the major designers.

Cross-body bags or Fanny packs

This is a new kind of backpack doing the rounds nowadays. In Europe, you can literally see them everywhere. Suddenly, these bags have started attracting many people from all over the world and 2018 will surely be the year of its rise.


In the past few years, most of the colors of spring and summer were neutral. But for this year, many fashion pundits are believing in colors. In 2018, vibrant colors will be the new definition to common.

Athletic Wear

This shouldn’t be a surprise for you because it has been in highlights from the last few seasons and at present, there are no chances of fading the charm of athletic wear anytime soon. There are many famous brands which make great athletic wear. However, there is only one downside – these are a bit pricey. If you want them cheap, you can try shopping for them online because sometimes, there are some deals or coupons which will help you get them with a discount.

Sports Team Clothes

A step beyond the athletic wear is the clothes which many sports teams use to wear. A lot of people on the streets of Paris and Milan are already portraying this trend and in the coming days, it is believed to increase. The sports professionals are really becoming style icons of today.

Loose Tailoring

Many designers have come up with loose trousers during the fashion shows organized for the year 2018. Many loose trousers are displayed during the various shows. However, tailored trousers or custom suits are mostly preferred because they make a man look nice and better. However, this year, loose trousers will remain in trend but in the next 1-2 years, the tailored trousers will make a comeback.

Fashion has never been the same. With every season, there is always something new and what is trending today will most probably not be the hot topic of tomorrow. It’s better to always remain updated.

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