Safe and Effective Termite Control for Your Home

July 8, 2020 • Lifestyle

You may often reach the most potent pesticide when you see pests like cockroaches, flies, bugs, and unwanted tiny creatures. But before you push the button spray, come to think of it. While these pesticides are more likely to rid these pests that are infesting your home, they can also harm you and your loved ones.

Your children and pets are the most vulnerable to the harmful effects coming from pesticides because of their developing bodies and immune systems. They also spend much of their time staying at home, crawling on the floor, picking up things, putting their hands in their mouths, and biting other objects. Thus, they are prone to exposure to the harmful chemicals of your repellant.

If the infestation is tolerable, you may cross out in your options to hire a pest control provider. Instead, you can first do some prevention tips. However, if your assessment of the infestation is uncontrollable, the best solution is to call the experts near you to avoid further damages and costly repairs in the long run.

Prevention Matters

Prevention is the first baby step in achieving IPM. Making your home unappealing to the eyes of these pests is the best way for controlling pests. They also have to work for their “basic needs” like shelter, food, and water for their existence. Thus, if they cannot find their “basic needs” in your home, they will go and see it elsewhere.

Discouraging the Pests 

Keep doing these simple steps will help you to curb the pests from going to your home. 

·   Pick up all food crumbs, spills, and droppings and dispose of them right away.

·   You need to sanitize all the beneath areas of big kitchen appliances, such as stoves, microwaves, and refrigerators. Collected pieces of food debris coming from the area can attract pests.

·   You need to regularly clean your floors, tables, counters, and sinks. Make sure that dishes are clean and dry after having your meals or eating snacks.

·   Dispose of your garbage in a tight-lid container, and make sure to take out the trash frequently. Find a location to place your outdoor garbage bins, possibly as far from your home.

·   Stock up your food in refrigerators or containers with airtight lids. Make sure that you seal food in cardboard boxes. Cockroaches and rodents love cardboard as they can easily open them.

·   If you notice some household leaks, call repair service immediately to fix it. Termites love to dwell in humid places. Clean up the excess moisture on your countertops or sinks as cockroaches can swim on water too.

·   Regularly vacuum your carpets, crack floorings, and crevices.

·   As much as possible, free your home from any clutter. Piles of newspapers, boxes, and magazines can be a magnet for pests and might give them a place to hide.

Calling the Experts 

Now, if you get tired trying all the prevention tips and still seems no improvement at all, you might need to use some pesticide for a new way of treatment.

But before spending some cash on a pesticide, you need to be familiarized with the kind of pests you’re trying to kill. If you have a hard time identifying termites and carpenter ants, call the termite control Howell experts. 

They will help you to find the right of pesticide to use. They know the insecticide that is safe to use.

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