Summer Shoes for Holiday

June 29, 2016 • Lifestyle

Packing for a holiday can be hard- especially when you’re choosing which shoes should make the cut. You don’t want to take too many pairs which will take up space and weight in your bag, but you also don’t want to be frantically searching for a pair of shoes to buy for a dinner or day out while you really want to be relaxing.

Here are some of the best shoes to take with you on your holiday:



Sandals are the perfect holiday shoe, and summer sandals can be either relaxed or dressy, depending on how they’re styled. For women, you can now buy beautiful sandals that are just as pretty as high heels only flat, allowing you to dress an outfit up for going out at night, or let the shoes be your main accessory during the day. Take one pair that’s slightly plainer- think brown, black or camel coloured for the beach or wandering around during the day and one pair that is pretty enough to dress up an outfit and wear instead of heels when you’re out and about and walking down cobblestone streets at night.


It’s well worth taking a pair of flip-flops with you on holiday. Many people choose to wear them to fly, as they’re comfortable and can be easily slipped off when going through airport security. Havaianas are some of the most comfortable flip-flops you’ll find, and can last for a long time. They’re sturdy enough to wear as daytime shoes and can also be worn in the shower if you’re camping or while you’re travelling in between destinations.


Casual Shoes

For women, flip-flops and sandals are usually considered to be casual shoes. However, men’s casual shoes are usually classic black or brown and cover the entire foot. Men can find a wide range of shoe types, including Hush Puppies, Caterpillars, Clarks, and more. A pair of casual shoes is a must for during the day when you’ll probably find yourself doing a lot of walking as you visit different attractions, and you’ll find that having a comfortable shoe will make a huge difference as to how long you can walk around for.

High Heels

For many women, the idea of going on holiday without taking high heels is ludicrous. There’s a reason why so many women love heels- they make your legs and butt look great, you look long and lean, and they dress up any outfit. If you’re going to take a pair of high heels on your summer holiday, make sure they’re a pair that you’ve worn a few times before so you won’t be stuck with blisters for the rest of your trip. It can be a good idea to buy some of those gel pads to stick to the inside of the shoe so they’re a bit more comfortable and you can wear them for longer as well.

A pair of black or nude heels is best, since you can wear these with a wide range of colours and outfits.

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