The Best Ways Avoid Addiction

avoid addiction

March 27, 2018 • Lifestyle

Addictions, as we all probably know, usually cause huge problems in someone’s life that affect everyone and everything around that person. Addictions are not only very dangerous because of the chemical composition of objects the people are addicted to, but because of the influence they have. Not only the body suffers, but the mind and lifestyle as well.

There are different types of addictions someone can have and feed every day : betting addiction, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, meds etc. To understand how to fight it means to first understand the factors that are causing it.

Those factors can be genetic predisposition, certain life experiences, personality, lifestyle, depression and many more. The good thing about this is that most of them are born right inside of our brain, which means that healing the addiction isn’t as impossible as it sounds and doesn’t have to always require hospitalization. Instead of that, awareness that the problem exists, motivation, support and strong will to solve it are best for the beginning phase.

Read on to learn the best ways to avoid and stop the addictions!


1.    Strongly Saying “No”

Keeping your word and maintaining the chosen attitude can be extremely hard.Our brains function by desiring things and experiences that will make us feel good, so choosing to consciously overpower that desire is pretty challenging.

However, success creates confidence. Reducing the bad habits before completely stopping them is the best method to fight against addictions.

2.    Limiting the Negative Influences

Environment or dissatisfaction are often the addictions’ trigger. People become weak and angry and they turn to one thing that can make them feel good again – addictions.

Limiting the negative influences means to become happier and more positive person with the goal of finding your satisfaction in yourself, your family, friends or job and feel no need to be challenged by addictions.


3.    Building Trustful and Strong Relationships

Having support is one of the crucial things to everyone. It encourages us, make us feel strong and helps us to overcome problems. This is why support and strong relationships are very important on our way to avoiding addictions.

When we are lonely, we feel bad and abandoned, which make us more vulnerable to becoming addicted and desperately try to belong somewhere.


4.    Having Goals in Life

Having something to do in life can have incredible effects. When we strive for achievements, we don’t feel bad and we don’t waste our time feeling sorry for ourselves or weak.

Instead of that, we challenge ourselves and push forwarding, stay focused and gain more and more confidence and control in life which plays a big role in avoiding addictions.


5.    Managing Stress

Managing stress is another way to gain the control and prevent needs for addiction. We become angry and insecure under the stress, so trying to organize your day, knowing to make a difference between important and less important and knowing your limits is very helpful.


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