Three Reasons Getting an Online Business Degree Is Actually Better Than Going To College

November 30, 2016 • Lifestyle

A lot of people these days believe that it is hard, if not impossible, to get a well-paid job without a degree. Of course, there are exceptions where people have started very successful businesses or risen to the top in companies through experience and talent alone, however, having a business degree certainly boosts your chances of success and can make the path after you graduate a lot easier.

Now that online degrees are a common, well established thing, with lots of great universities offering online business programs, you have two options if you want to gain a business qualification. You can either go down the traditional route and head off to college, or you can look for a suitable online business administration degree you can do at home. Here are three reasons why the latter may actually be the better choice for a lot of would-be business people:


Gain Experience at the Same Time

One complaint many graduates have when they enter the job market is that all employers want work experience, and they don’t have any. When you are studying online, you can work your studies into your free time and still hold down at least a part-time job. This will mean that your resume on graduation will show that you have experience in a working environment, and even experience in low paid positions shows that you are used to the responsibility of the working world rather than just college life.

Make Better Use of Tech Innovations

Businesses these days love people who can use technology in innovative ways, and by necessity, when doing an online degree you’ll be using technology a lot more than regular college students. You will be used to online communication and work delivery in a way that they are not, and will see how things like streaming and mobile tech are used to deliver education as and when they come into mainstream use. Without even realizing it, you’ll be getting training in all kinds of technologies that you can bring with you on top of your actual online business degree.


More Prepared For Working Life

When people leave university, they tend to experience a bit of a culture shock, going from an environment where they are surrounded by people just like them and have all the support they need from the faculty, to having to set up a home somewhere, find a job, and live in the ‘real world’. People who do online degrees never leave the real world, and tend to be better prepared for working life as they don’t need to relocate or return home to their parents after graduating – they just stay where they are and start looking for the right job to suit their new skills.

These are just some of the reasons why you may do better both professionally and personally if you opt for an online business degree rather than going away to university.

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