Tips for Kitchen Spring Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

August 27, 2020 • Lifestyle

The upcoming spring does not only inspire the innovations in your lifestyle, but the innovations in your house appearance as well! Transforming and reorganizing your kitchen will contribute to your enjoyment during the time spent there. And having fresh air coming from wide opened windows and a nice smelling, clean and neat kitchen while making meals will help you in experiencing the refreshing spring the best way possible.

Cleaning is, of course, not the job for everyone. If you are not lazy and have high appearance standards, you’ll need to invest a little bit of effort to beautify your kitchen. And beautifying doesn’t mean cleaning only. You can also reorganize the layout of your stuff and fresh up the looks and the atmosphere with some new materials and original stuff that you can find in different workshops, such as Worktop Express, for example.

Keep on reading if you decided to get up early and have fun cleaning your kitchen because we have some useful tips for you! Below are the few things you should pay attention to.

1. Pre-Clean

Before starting the detailed and complete cleaning, prepare your kitchen with a pre-clean first. Empty your sink and wash the dishes. After that, continue with cleaning off countertops and make the surface clean first.

2. Cabinets and Drawers

Proceed to cleaning up cabinets and wipe down the shelves. Also clean up the inside and outside parts of cabinets. After that, throw out everything you don’t need anymore and reorganize the stuff you will keep.

3. Pantries

Wipe down the shelves of your pantry and remove the items you don’t need or items that expired. Then clean up the bottom of pantry. When you empty it, reorganize the layout of items and put it back inside.

4. Windows

To keep your windows clean and shiny, open it and clean tracks and glass. Also, don’t forget to vacuum the dust from the curtains and blinds.

5. Refrigerator

Remove the expired food from refrigerator and everything else you will no longer use. Clean up the refrigerator’s inside and the edge of the door. Then put all the items back inside. Do the same for the freezer and remember to pull the fridge out of the wall and vacuum the space there.

6. Microwave

Use the soap and water to clean the rotating plate from your microwave. Then clean it from the inside. After that, clean the outside part of your microwave.

7. Stove or Oven

Clean the beneath of your stove and remove the coils and that clean the oven and it’s racks. Then, clean drawer under the oven, remove everything and clean that as well before putting it all back in.

8. Floors

Get everything off the floors. Then vacuum it and wide down baseboards. Empty your trashcan and clean  the table and chairs before placing them back on the floor.

If in case you are in New York and really do not have the time but still wanted your kitchen to be cleaned try booking cleaning service NYC, and let them do the job for you!

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