Top 4 Women’s Clothing Essentials

January 9, 2020 • Lifestyle

With the new year it can be a great time to reorganise your wardrobe and ensure that you have everything you need to feel more comfortable and successful. There’s nothing worse than clothes that fit poorly, make you feel frumpy or are just quite simply too old. Whether you’re looking to completely redo your wardrobe or just want to add a few new pieces to spruce it up, here are my top 4 women’s clothing essentials. 

1. Good Underwear

Investing in good quality underwear is really important, there’s nothing worse than ruining a nice outfit with panty lines. Just because your underwear is something that not many people see, doesn’t mean that you can or should neglect it. How you dress yourself impacts how you feel about yourself and even your underwear can impact this. There are also panties that offer protection, allowing you an extra level of confidence! Check out Knix for great underwear that lasts, doesn’t leave terrible lines and gives you peace of mind.

2. Comfortable, Supportive Shoes

So many women these day compromise comfort for style, which is easy to do when you’re in your teens and early twenties, but as you get older comfort becomes more important. You’re going to want to look for shoes that offer arch support, bend around where the base of your toes are, and fit snuggly. Most flat shoes actually don’t meet these requirements and can impact your feet long term. If you have some shoes that you absolutely love but aren’t supportive, why not consider investing in some custom made shoe insert to help combat these issues. 

3. A Little Black Dress

Investing in a high quality little black dress is a staple item that can last you through the years and through seasons and events effortlessly. You can completely change the look by adding tights, a blazer or coat, and even by adding in some statement jewellery or scarves. You might think of a little black dress as being kind of boring, but with a few easy changes it quickly becomes something that showcases your personality. The great thing about this item is you can literally wear it anywhere and your accessories will determine how casual or formal it is. 

4. Proper Fitting Bra

Do you suffer from back pain? Have you ever considered your bra? If it’s not properly fitted, then it can actually cause back pain, impact your posture and lead to issues down the line. Many women have love hate relationships with bras, but when you find a supportive bra that fits you properly, it can be a game changer. I’ll extend finding a good sport’s bra to also being an important item if you work our regularly as the extra impact from workouts means you need a little extra support. This is one of those clothing items that you’re going to want to invest in. 

With these four women’s clothing essentials you can be sure that you’ve got the most important bases covered! 

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