Why Men Choose Hair Transplant?

February 4, 2020 • Lifestyle

According to research, people generally lose about 100 hairs every single day. About 85% of men will experience significant thinning of hair when they reach the age of 50. Men also suffer more hair loss compared to women. For this reason, more men are now attempting to take the hair surgery procedures. But, what are the main reasons males undergo hair transplants? In this article, we are going to discuss some factors why hair loss usually occurred to men and why they choose to undergo a hair transplant.

Factors that Affects Hair Loss

·       Family heredity

Sometimes, it is called male-pattern baldness. It usually happens during aging years, where the hairline and bald spots in men starting to recede. 

·       The problem in Medical Condition

Common balding is due to medical health reasons (androgenetic alopecia). Another disease like thyroid disease, anemia, and deficient vitamin levels contributes as well to hair loss. 

·       Poor Lifestyle

Excessive smoking, eating processed food, and no exercise may worsen the male-pattern baldness. 

·       Uncontrollable Hormones

One significant cause of hair loss for men is what you called Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. It is a kind of hormone for men that boost male characteristics. However, DHT binds to the receptors of hair follicles, which causes the hair to weaken, shrink, and eventually die. 

Why Men Choose Hair Transplant? 

·       Advance Hair Technology

FUT and FUE, two of the most commonly used hair transplant today, which provide stunning results with minimal downtime. Both of these procedures harvest hair from the donor area- an area that doesn’t lose hair, usually located at the back of the head. By using the newest technology, the client will only expect results to become even better. 

·       Provides Natural Results

Hair plugs and wigs are being used before to hide the balding parts of your head. But because of hair transplantation, the result is not just good, but way better compared to hair wig and plugs. It is because the hair was being treated naturally with your donor’s hair. 

·       Permanent and Durable Results

Shampoos and medications are considered short term remedies when it comes to hair loss treatment. But the result is not lasting. 

With the aid of hair transplant, your hair is considered permanent because it comes genetically on the donor’s hair. Medical surgeons are taking healthy hair follicles from the donor of your scalp, which grows for a lifetime. 

·       It Boosts Confidence

Our hair defines our personality. Although some are happy and already accept the consequences that being bald is part of their life. Others are not and feel uncomfortable. When they experience hair loss, they think that they are also losing their youth, sexuality, and confidence to others. This is why more men are now accepting the fact that having hair brings back their self-esteem. 

Final Thoughts

Having a hair transplant will help you to become a better person. It is because the hair will make you look younger than before. But, keep in mind that for the hair transplant to be successful, you must be thoroughly accepting the technology. It will help you with Reducing Your Hair Transplant Cost, Improving Results, Free Consult.

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