Why You Should Track Your Diet

August 28, 2015 • Lifestyle

Trying to lose weight? Want to gain muscle? If you want to change your body’s composition, then you simply have to start tracking what you eat. Yes, it might sound like a little work, but in the end it’s worth it. Many of us have no idea what we eat in terms of calories, let alone in terms of macros; proteins, fats and carbohydrates. There are many reasons why you should track your diet and here are some of the most important ones:

1. Figure Out What You’re Fueling Your Body With

You might think you eat really healthy, but do you know how much protein or fat you’re getting each day? If you’re working hard in the gym, but not seeing any results, it might be due to a lack of protein in your diet. Setting goals for proteins, fats and carbohydrates is a fantastic way to take control of what you’re eating.

2. Feel More Energized Because You’re Getting What Your Body Needs

When I was a vegetarian, I basically took all the meat out of my diet and replaced it with pasta. Needless to say I gained a lot of weight, but I also had lower energy. That’s not surprising because I replaced the protein I was getting from the meat with carbohydrates. It’s completely possible to eat a balanced diet as a vegan or vegetarian, but it does take some research to make sure you’re adequately getting the right ratios of what you need. If you’re properly fueling yourself, you’re going to feel better, simple!

3. Be More Precise in Your Weight loss Efforts

Weight loss can be challenging and if you’re not tracking what you’re eating, you’re basically throwing things into your body and just hoping for the best. Doesn’t sound too effective does it? Counting calories, measuring ratios and setting goals ensures a much more accurate way to ensure weight loss. Coupled with some exercise, and you’ll be hitting your weight loss goals faster than you would otherwise.

4. Tracking Can Be Easy with Apps

There’s a saying that goes something like ‘you can’t change what you don’t measure’ and I think it’s right on the point. If you’re not measuring your weight, how do you know if you’ve lost weight or simply lost fat and gained muscle? Measuring what you’re eating and how it affects you is a great way to see what foods are working for you and which aren’t. I suggest getting a food tracking tool, such as MyFitnessPal and using it to record what you eat. Even if you do it for a week and don’t continue, at least you’ll get an idea of what you eat on average on a given day and you can better predict your needs from there onwards.
Tracking your diet is a great way to stay focused. It also mentally helps because you might think twice about eating that piece of chocolate cake if you’re going to have to write it down.

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