Apps to Keep Us Entertained

August 9, 2016 • Tech

Gone are the days when entertainment was a static form of recreation resigned to your home. Nowadays, thanks to technology, we can be kept amused no matter whereabouts we are in the world, and it’s all down to the various apps available. Without sounding cliche, there really is just about an app for everything, and therefore we are now inundated with numerous ways to keep boredom at bay.



If you haven’t heard of this widget just yet, it is essentially Netflix and Amazon Prime but without the fees. Just as they can, you can stream films to your devices and then sit back and enjoy – there is the downside of ads, which is how Crackle is funded, but that’s merely a minor issue in the face of free films. Granted the selection is lacking in places, but it does the job it’s meant to, and is ideal for those camping trips or long car journeys when all you need is a good movie to huddle around.


Ever since Spotify was released, no end of companies have sprung up trying to match that level of success. While not every one of them achieves it, some manage to stand alone and attract music lovers seeking alternatives; Songza is one such app. Here you create your own ‘mixtapes’, and better still, the ones that are available are created by other people, not generated by a computer system. It gives a more authentic atmosphere to music listening, and for that reason it is a favourite within the entertainment section of app stores.


The Lottery

This isn’t about the conventional National Lottery, but about that from an equally well known brand – Coral’s lottery results and the games that they create are among the most popular of online activities. Unlike solitary games which, once played, lose their appeal and element of surprise, lotteries can be played over and over without loss of excitement or potential rewards. What is more, it is a relatively cheap form of entertainment that delivers stimulation and monetary gains, should you be a lucky winner.

Action Movie FX

Ever fancied being a director of the next blockbuster? Although not offering you the title of Spielberg just yet, this app allows you to create realistic and dramatic movie scenes like that seen and made by the professionals. Furthermore, you can share your creations with your friends and receive feedback, thus improving your eye for detail. Even though the app is free to use, some of the tools require payment, which can dull the shine of the widget, otherwise however, it is an excellent media toolbox.

These four are but a cherry picking of apps that you can enjoy, and while they’re all different from one another, they go to show just how intricate and detailed the process of making a good app actually is.


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