All You Should Know about Social Casino

September 8, 2016 • Tech

Forget about FarmVille! Meet new trend of the social media: casino-style games that completely resemble online games but are free to play and give a possibility to communicate with other players during the play.

Social casino is one of the most promising areas of the software development: 30% of all players on the social media play house-styled games and they are considered to be the biggest spenders in the media world, although it itself doesn’t use real money. More than that, this new genre turned out to be able to engage not only the 20-something players, but also much older audience where the average players are aged 35+. This is one of the main reasons of the success as such people are known for the adherence to certain games and more intense playing.

Who develops the software for these games?

To put it bluntly, there are two groups of companies that create software for these casinos. The first one is a group of big game companies that follow the trend and develop this new direction in order to fatten the profits. The second group is a bunch of small or medium-sized companies that specialize on the development of gambling software.

Of course, big companies create software for themselves and will hardly create it for others. If you want to test your luck in this new trendy business, then pay attention to the EvenBet Gaming poker training software development company. The reasons are simple:

  • Such company will work for your special benefit and come up with the solution that totally hits the spot
  • You can count on the customized approach and ability to monitor the process of software development
  • You can order development of a project from scratch according to your instructions or take an advantage of company’s groundwork – everything depends on your wish and budget

Usually businessmen take social casino as a tool to achieve some marketing needs, like user acquisition and retention. Today a new active participant appeared on a scene: online betting operators.

It is a well-known fact that in many countries online betting is illegal, however, casino-style games are not and they serve as a perfect tool to draw players to casino sites where they can play for money. This strategy works perfectly well: today 30% of social casino players play on gambling sites also.

On the contrary, for many keen players this is a real salvation from gambling addiction.

At the moment this genre offers vast possibilities for both large and small companies that develop gaming software. And it is up to you whether to test your luck and enter a world of social casino or play it safe.




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