New Trends for Food Packing

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December 12, 2017 • Tech

With the passage of many years, food packaging has developed drastically and has taken on many varieties of different sizes, purposes, and shapes. These days the market over the globe has become so advanced that the consumer demands for better quality of food which is the packaged in compact packages which will eventually be more fresh and healthier.

Consumers usually look for the most convenient way to get access to food products. It may be through supermarkets, retail stores or even online. As the market is becoming more demanding over time, the consumers look for waste reduction and improvised food security and safety. Consumer demands are one of the main challenges any food packager has to face for ensuring best flexible packing.

In the future, food packaging could be a very different word as technology keeps advancing and every aspect of life keeps changing with it. Some possible inventions of the futuristic top food packing technology are stated below:

  1. Packaging which is edible: It is stated by some experts that instead of throwing away the packaging you can eat that too in the future. A professor at the Harvard University has created some tasty food packaging taking inspiration from an apple which protects its fresh fruit with an edible layer of skin.
  2. Micro packaging: A research team based in Texas has newly discovered a microfilm which is a hair like thin layered membrane which is made up of mostly water and clay particles to package food in, according to them it may be the next miracle in food packaging.
  3. Smart packaging: This kind of packaging is a very advanced level of food packaging. The food cover or container can detect the expiry of or the freshness of the food inside it and the certain sensors let the consumers know whether it can still be used for cooking or eating, or whether it is thrown out by changing the color of the package of the item.
  4. Packaging soluble in water: Some researchers have introduced food packages or pouches which is a form of plastic that will be dissolved in water, it cannot be tasted.
  5. Temperature managing packaging: Scientists have discovered a sealed heating or cooling feature in beverages which is controlled by a button at the bottom of the container which will help regulate the coolness and hotness of the drink.

The best flexible packaging can be done in various ways that include using plastic, aluminum, foil or paper, or even a combination of these materials. It can be able to produce a number of protective packaging for food items by using limited resources. Any packaging that can be easily changed by its shape is known as flexible packaging, it can be presented as a bag, pouch, and liner or overwrap. It is mainly done so that the producers can use the same package for a vast variety of products so that it is efficiently and effectively utilized. Flexible packaging leads to less wastage of resources and also the waste materials that are discarded.

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