Online hacks to help make job hunting easier

August 16, 2019 • Tech

Anticipation. It can get the better of anyone when braving the unexplored frontier that is the world of job hunting. We all have our own horror stories about trying to find a new job or career change. Apart from the million to one time someone can easily slip into a new role, the rest of us invariably face so many hurdles when looking for a job that a day spent in front of the laptop looking for a new can see you getting stressed way too easily.

So what can be done to make the process of finding a new job a breeze? From finding your niche to saving time against having manually changing CVs every single time, here are some online hacks to help make job hunting easier.

Forget the Format

Your word processor software is ironically the worst thing going for you when it comes to completing a CV. Even though newer versions of Word, Pages and similar programs have built-in templates to attempt making CV writing easier, you’re going to waste more than enough time trying to get the formatting just right.

Avoid fighting with scrollers over where a bullet point goes or what size of font you need for your name and take it all online with a real-time CV editor.

My main point of contention is that people will always go for the cheapest route and search for things like “free CV builders”. Think of your CV as the investment you have to use to get seen and get interviews. Just paying a little on services like Zety, Craft CV and Canva (which has some good free options) can help you create multiple versions of CVs that look great and won’t see you splitting hairs over placement, which leads nicely on to my next point.

Save more versions than you need

I hate having to do pernickety edits on the slightest of issues. If you’re going to be spending all day sending out CVs, there’s a high chance much of that time will be spent making tweaks and adjustments to get what the job posting says to match your CV.

Act wisely and make multiple versions of your CV ahead of time, factoring in little nuances in language and credentials that will leave you with options to send out there. Save at least five alternatives in one folder and stick to them, keeping them in the cloud, so they’re easily accessible. You’ll save so much time when applying online, and as long as you keep things simple, you won’t be confusing recruiters, speaking of which…

Find a recruiter’s niche

Indeed. Monster. Glassdoor. ZipRecruiter.

All names we know to go to right away when looking for a job, but maybe not the best when you have a specific skill set that lends itself to one industry. When searching for a job, don’t just search for jobs in your niche (e.g. “software jobs”) but searching for recruiters in your niche.

For example, I’m writing this in London and let’s say I’m looking for a job in cybersecurity. Instead of just looking for “cybersecurity jobs”, act smart and search for “cybersecurity recruiters”. In my example, I found niche recruiters like Empiric, a UK based recruiter who specialises in actively pairing someone amazing at cybersecurity with companies who need those skills.

Niche recruiters also know their stuff for their industry and will do a better job of helping people whose strengths they acknowledge with the right potential companies.

Seriously, everyone from a teacher to a baker or a surveyor should know to look for recruiters within their sphere as they’ll point you in the right direction.

Don’t go submission crazy

Applying for jobs is like entering the lottery; the more CVs you submit won’t match your chances of getting seen. Take all the time saved from not constantly adjusting your CV and pick apart any job listing you’d deem as being suitable for you.

Fragrantly casting a net out there won’t see great results but understand what exactly someone is looking for will see you being more critical of applying. You don’t want to go through the process of submitting and going for an interview only to realise the job doesn’t match what you thought it was.

Stick to a small pool online, and you’ll quickly figure out what works.

Finally, it isn’t a hunt

Make sure you act realistically when sending out applications; keep expectations low and morale high. People will submit dozens of CVs a day because they see finding a job as a game that needs to be completed as quickly as possible.

Take the tips I’ve laid out into account when looking for a job online. You should find yourself stressing less and creating a smoother job search.

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