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May 30, 2017 • Tech


We can’t deny the fact that we are living in the world dominated by technology. Everywhere we set our eyes to, we see technology or a bit of it. Everything we do, we do it with the help of technology. It is rampant everywhere and in all aspects of our lives.

During travel, technology becomes an integral part of it. Our trip will never be complete without all these gadgets with us. They keep us busy during the long hours of ride and they keep us in touch with our loved ones as we see the world around us. I personally do have my own favorite gadgets to use.


Here are the top five travel gadgets 2017 that have become a part of our travel lifestyle:


  1. Cellphone

Who can live without it? Even during typical days at home, we can’t leave this gadget behind. This helps us capture our breathtaking moments in our top destinations and share them right away to all the social media installed in it.


  1. Power Bank (specifically 20,000mah)

Since people can’t live without cellphone, we also need its pair. And not only this can revive our dying cellphones but also some other gadgets if we only bring their cables to attach to our power banks. That is why most of the time we choose the 20,000mah so it can accommodate more gadgets for charging.


  1. Selfie Stick

We love ourselves so much! We can’t afford not to take pictures of ourselves standing in front of a tourist spot that people have been wanting to go to, eating with mouth wide open that delicacy that everyone has been craving for and of course meeting up with some locals that prove that we really are there. If we are alone in this travel, we don’t want to bother some people and piss them off by asking them to take picture of ourselves. We would rather have this selfie stick that can capture ourselves in a carefree manner.


  1. Camera (DSLR/Go-pro/pocket-sized Wi-Fi ready camera)

We are so perfectionist when it comes to pictures. We don’t get satisfied with the shots from the phone where it is not easy to make a soft blur. We want a high-resolution shot with the touch of blur, especially for portrait and macro. We are also fascinated with the underwater shots with dolphins and all the sea creatures we can find during our diving. These, plus many other things we want to capture in different angles, frames, and styles; thus, there is the high demand for camera during trips.


  1. Garmin Watch

This is an all around, easy to bring kind of gadget. Sometimes we don’t like to bring much and during adventures, this is the best gadget wherein you can check everything. It has a feature to check all our messages in social media, it tracks your activities and gives you direction, and the best part is, we can wear it underwater.


Whatever travel planning we already prepared ahead, these are the common gadgets we bring that give more thrill and excitement to the trip.


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