3 Great places to enjoy a Luxurious break in the British Countryside

June 1, 2016 • Travel

After the great recession, holidays in the UK took on a new dimension in terms of appeal as travellers looked to save money and achieve greater value for their investment. Even now that the economy has begun to recover, there remain a number of iconic British resorts that are popular among families, with many of these dotted along southern coastal locations from Southampton to Cornwall.

3 of the best country breaks in the UK

For those of you enjoy more rural getaways, there are also a number of destinations that can help you to achieve your travelling goals. Here are three of the best: 


The Peak District, Derbyshire

The Derbyshire Dales are better known to many as the Peak District, although this region is much larger and more diverse than you may think. The Peak District National Part stretches from Derby to the southernmost tip of the Pennines, and is home to some spectactular greenery and lakeside views. The Peak District takes in parts of Cheshire, Greater Manchester and Yorkshire, while there are numerous hiking and cycling trails for visitors to follow. Outlets such as Great Little Breaks also offer trips to picturesque villages such as Harlington, and this is an ideal rural getaway for families.

Wiltshire in South West England

If you are part of a couple, you will probably be in the market for a more romantic experience. The South West region of Wiltshire is ideally placed to meet these needs, bordering beautiful rural regions such as Dorset, Somerset, Hampshire, Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire and home some spectactular scenery and quaint, countryside hotels. Wiltshire covers a staggering 3,485 km2 of open land and greenery, while its extraordinary sense of tranquillity can help couples to make truly wonderful memories.


Pitlochry in Scotland

Further north, it is fair to say that Scotland is home to an incredible array of scenic locations and rural destinations. Few of these hold the same level of appeal as Pitlochry, which is located close to Edinburgh and home to some spectacular trails and soaring peaks along the Scottish Highlands. With a minimal population of just 2,776, Pitlochry is also an innately intimate location that is ideal for weekend getaways and breaks from the hustle and bustle of city life. With the picturesque River Tummel located close by, this quaint Scottish burgh is well worth a visit.




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