4 Top-Rated Destinations to Visit in Australia

June 17, 2016 • Travel

Australia is every traveler’s dream destination. This vibrant and diverse country is the world’s biggest island as well as the smallest among the seven continents. There are numerous sights and activities to explore when you get here. And it is truly one of the beautiful places you could ever visit in your entire life.

Known as the “Land Down Under,” Australia is blessed with scenic background, glorious beaches, awe-inspiring tourist attractions, and a lot more. Your stay here will never get boring for you have a lot of things to do and discover. Apparently, you can hire Motorhomes to explore more places in the country conveniently. It will be more comfortable and easier for you to roam around and enjoy your vacation.

Ready to start your adventure? Here are some of the best tourist spots you can visit in Australia:


Great Barrier Reef

The iconic World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef is the world’s biggest coral reef and said to be visible from outer space. Situated off the coast of Queensland, it houses hundreds of marine life and more than 3000 reef systems and coral cays. This 2,300-kilometer ecosystem is one of the most sought after tourist spots in Australia. You will definitely enjoy snorkeling and diving in this spectacular natural wonder.

Bondi Beach

For all the beach lovers out there, never miss the opportunity to visit the Bondi Beach when in Australia. It is one of the most famous beaches in the country, which is only 15 minutes away by car from the city center. Tourists will surely enjoy swimming in the sea, strolling at the shore, eating delectable treats, and simply having a time to unwind and be one with nature.


Sydney Opera House

Your stay in Sydney wouldn’t be complete without visiting the astounding Sydney Opera House. This multi-venue performing arts center is one of the world’s best architectural icons as well as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is an impressive building, which holds a cinema, concert hall, theaters, exhibition rooms, and studios. Additionally, its location is truly stunning. The Royal Botanic Garden makes it more amazing as it borders it to the south.

Fraser Island

Listed as a World Heritage Site, Fraser Island is the world’s biggest sand island, stretching more than 120 kilometers. It is located between Brisbane and Bundaberg, off Australia’s eastern Queensland coast. To save money, some tourists hire a one way campervan relocation from anywhere in Australia to Brisbane. Here they drop their campervan and spend most of their vacation in Fraser island. Once you get here, you will be amazed at its breathtaking coast, lakes and creeks. Its rainforests, woodlands, and mangrove forests are also perfect for nature lovers!

Australia has tons of things to offer to all its visitors from across the globe. Whether you are up for an art and culture appreciation or exciting outdoor activities, this gorgeous country has it all for you. Choosing to spend your vacation here is worth it and will be one for the books. Australia deserves all the hype it gains because it is absolutely a dream destination for everyone. You can never go wrong in traveling to this country at least once in your life.

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