5 Amazing Things to Experience in the Scandinavian Capitals & Fjords

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November 23, 2017 • Travel

Scandinavia is a region in Northern Europe that is bursting with culture, tradition and natural beauty; and experiencing all of these is one of the life’s true joys. But when people are asked what amazing things Scandinavia has to offer, their most common and immediate answer is the ‘Northern Lights!’ While the beauty of the Northern Lights is not debatable, Scandinavia has so much more to offer.

Scandinavia is also sometimes called the Scandinavian Peninsula and you can travel by train & ferry through the fjords for a memorable experience. The five Scandinavian countries – Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and Finland – all share an ethnocultural North Germanic heritage and understandable languages. Norway Tours can be made anytime of the year and here are 5 amazing things to experience in the Scandinavian Capitals and Fjords;


1. Travel the Norwegian Fjords

When it comes to touring Norway, one around the Fjords is the most popular as it gives you full access to experience what Norway has to offer; all with a simple tour.

The best, most engaging and breathtaking way to experience the Norwegian Fjords is by traveling through them in a train or ferry. The train ride has been dubbed ‘northern Europe’s most scenic’ and the ferry or boat rides are just majestic.

From the minute one sets foot in Oslo, a travel through the Fjords is a must and experiencing these natural beauties really gives a complete Norwegian overview, or as the tourist board calls it – ‘Norway in a Nutshell’, which is precisely what it is.

Visiting Norway and not experiencing the fjords will make you the odd one out and leave you with a similar feeling of a missed opportunity.


2. Visit the Perlan in Reykjavik, Iceland

Translated into English as ‘Pearl’, Perlan is a famous landmark building in Iceland’s Capital, Reykjavik. Built-in 1988 and on top of the city’s geothermal hot water reservoir, Perlan is a glass dome that features a rotating restaurant and between the hot water tanks, an exhibition space which is popularly known as the Winter Garden.

In addition, the Ingimundur Sveinsson designed building that is located on the Öskjuhlíð hill and has a museum, namely The Perlan Museum. It is called the Wonders of Iceland which was opened in 2017 and its initial exhibition was the Glaciers and Ice Cave Exhibition. The Perlan also has a magnificent viewing and observation deck that allows one to clearly see the entire city.


3. Guided tour around Stockholm, Sweden

One of Scandinavia’s top attractions and destinations is the capital of Sweden – Stockholm. This city has multitudes to offer to your Scandinavian experience and choosing what to do from the long list is tough, so roll it all onto one and take a guided tour around Stockholm; this way you get to experience the whole city.

A famous and must visit place in Stockholm is the Stockholm Metro Station which is known, unofficially, as the “world’s longest art gallery”. This is due to the fact that since the first painting was done in 1970, the station has filled up with all types of artwork from over 150 artists – making waiting for the train, amazing.


4. Go to the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark

While in Scandinavia, why not have some fun and bring back your childhood memories by visiting an amusement park and the best place to do this is at the Tivoli gardens or just Tivoli in Copenhagen, Denmark. Tivoli Gardens were opened on the 15th of August, 1843 and have remained functional since then, making it the world’s 2nd oldest amusement park after the Dyrehavsbakken, which is also in Denmark.

The fact that both of the world’s oldest operating amusement parks are in Denmark makes the country the ultimate place to experience fun, culture, and history.


5. Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum Helsinki, Finland.

The Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum in Helsinki has the main function of educating and informing public on the contemporary art. The museum is located in Mannerheimintie. The name Kiasma is Finnish for ‘Chiasma’ and the museum, as a whole, is the most popular in Finland.

The museum was designed by Stephen Holl as part of the Finnish National Gallery. It was built in 1990 and features artwork from over 4,000 artists and even after being closed to allow for repairs, The Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum attracts over 180,000 visitors on a yearly basis.

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