5 Essential Tips to Make the Most of Your Cruise Adventure

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October 9, 2017 • Travel

One of the best adventure holidays and relaxation opportunities is cruising. While it may seem easy to plan and enjoy it, the first-time goers are bound to be in need of some tips. Prior to getting on a cruise, ensure that you compare all available cruise deals.

1. Arrive early

If this is your very first cruising adventure, you will want to arrive early. Many people tend to underestimate the risk of traffic, unfavorable weather and delayed flights; thus ending up missing the cruise entirely. If these unfortunate people do not miss the boat, they may end up boarding it at the very last minute – literally.

This kind of stress can easily be avoided by getting to the port city with at least a full 24 hours to spare, as this gives you enough time to relax and get into the “cruise mode.” In addition to this, your holiday is extended by a full day; you can tour the port city while you wait for the time to board the ship and when it is time, be one of the first passengers onboard and get settled into your room and tour the ship to get acquainted.

2. Choose one activity a day

The primary focus of cruising is to relax; so whether it is your first cruise or your tenth, this is your main goal. That being said, it may be more difficult than what one may expect s because cruise ships are a bustling hive of activities at all times – day and night, and trying to keep up with all that is going on is a bad move, as it will leave you feeling more exhausted than when you started.

A simple method of finding the middle ground between relaxing and having fun is to select only one activity to do on each day and do only that one. This gives you enough time to enjoy doing the activity without rushing through it and all while relaxing – a sure win-win situation.

3. Eat your own selections at your own times

One of the most common mistakes that cruise-goers often make is that they tend to eat the same thing from the same restaurant and at the same times each day. While the main restaurants on ships are affordable (often free) and classy, other restaurants definitely deserve a try – since they are considered as specialty dining you may have to pay a little extra for than normal.

As for eating at your own times, you must remember that you are on holiday, so take it easy and do not feel like you have to eat meals at strict times or locations.

4. Keep ship time

This may sound weird but “ship time” and “local time” most of the time are two different things. During port calls, ensure that you take note of ship time because if you were to ask locals for the time, they will give you the local time and this is most likely not going to fall in step with the schedule of the ship, or in other words, when the ship leaves the port.

5. The Disco

This is one of the things that you must do on a ship. The disco doesn’t need any explanation and even if you don’t know how to dance, get any move on!

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