5 superb ways to travel without breaking the bank

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November 20, 2017 • Finance, Travel

Traveling is one of life’s great pleasures. Being able to explore a new town, city or country can give you something to look forward to, help you relax, and be educational to boot. If you want to travel without spending a fortune, check out our five money-saving tips below.


1. Stay with friends

If you want to explore a new city with friends, then consider asking them to put you up on your holiday. Not only will this save you hundreds of pounds in accommodation, but you’ll have the added benefits of home comforts. Just remember to offer your friends some form of compensation for their spare bedroom and hospitality – a bottle of wine should do it!


2. Go camping

Camping is a low-cost, high-action holiday, allowing you to explore towns, cities and rural countryside on the cheap. Camping can cost as little as £10 per night for the whole family, and you can pay extra for things like electricity and storage for accessories and your car.


3. Take a picnic

Food can be one of the most expensive parts of a holiday, especially if you’re taking children with you. What’s more, when you’re on holiday, you’re more likely to splurge when you visit restaurants and coffee shops, and those bills can quickly add up. So, if you’re only going for a night or two, pack your own food and make picnics for when you’re out and about. You can make sandwiches, bring pastries and cakes, and buy fruit and vegetables on your travels to make salads and fruit bowls for a healthy, low-cost alternative to eating out.


4. Find cheap accommodation online

Before you do anything else, start your search for accommodation online. Doing so can save hundreds of pounds and help you get the very best deal on your hotel room. Websites like Toprooms can be used to list the cheapest and highest-rated hotels in your chosen holiday destination, and then you can whittle down your favourites based on reviews, location and more. It pays to shop around, and you can often find a bargain if you look carefully enough.


5. Try public transport

Public transport may not be the first option you consider, especially if you’re going away for a weekend with your friends, but it could work out to be cost-effective. Although it’s often cheaper to drive than it is to take the train, you can find last-minute airline tickets to both UK-based and overseas destinations, which can save you hundreds of pounds in petrol, parking and toll road fees should you choose to drive through Europe. Weigh up all of your options before you automatically decide to drive, as it may work out cheaper.

There you have it – five ways to travel without breaking the bank. Wherever you’re headed, whether it’s in the UK or somewhere more exotic, we hope that you have fun, enjoy your break, and have a drink or two with the savings you’ll make from this guide!

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