5 Tips for Traveling Cheap in Europe This Summer

February 14, 2015 • Travel

For many of us, Europe is an expensive destination, but an irresistible one at the. From the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the Alhambra in Spain, there’s so much to explore and so much history dug deep into the very streets of Europe. Many of us postpone trips to Europe, or travel to less expensive countries such as those in Southeast Asia due to concerns about the costs of Europe, but there are many tips and tricks you too can use to minimise costs while traveling around Europe. Here are my favourite top 5 tips for Traveling Cheap in Europe.

1. Use Airbnb

Hotels are expensive in most parts of Europe and while I love nothing more than a turn-down service and a daily room clean, there are smarter ways to travel in expensive countries. Choosing to rent an apartment or a home has a lot of benefits you might not have considered. In hotels, I find it awkward or almost impossible to make meals in my room, almost forcing you to eat out – or use expensive room service options. Staying in an apartment or home usually means that you have access to a kitchen and with this the ability to cook some of your meals in, saving considerable sums of money. Furthermore, you’ll probably find yourself based in a non-touristy area, meaning even your local shops will be cheaper.

2. Go East

Parts of Central Europe or especially Eastern Europe are cheap cheap cheap. Looking for beaches? Head to Croatia, and you’ll find some expensive gems comparable to some of the best beaches in Europe. Want a city that oozes old town charm? Then Prague might just be the most charming one you visit, that has a very comfortable price tag when compared to other sister cities like Paris.

3. Visit in the Shoulder Seasons

So you want good weather? You might be surprised to know that many parts of Europe are still hot in the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn. You’ll have the added benefit of less tourists getting in the way of your photos and cheaper room rates. Even a few weeks out from the peak season can result in huge decreases in the price you’ll pay. Check into it if your schedule is a little flexible.

4. Explore by Foot

You’ll be surprised by how easy many of Europe’s great cities are to explore by foot. Many of us get into the trap of spending a lot on local transport – whether it be taxis, or metros – when we could easily enjoy many of the sites by foot. If you’re unable to cover the distances you want with your feet, look into a multi day pass the day you arrive to save money on the metros. Often the prices can be less than half with a concession card.

5. See if There are Activity Passes

Many cities in Europe have passes that cover a wide range of tourist attractions for a discounted price. Check into what passes are available in the cities and towns you’re visiting and add up where you want to go and visit to see if you’ll save money by using one. Often you can save considerable money, while still getting to see all the attractions you had your heart set on, just at a lower price. Likewise if you have a student card, make sure to take it on your trip as you’ll find many locations offer discounts for students.
Traveling Europe doesn’t have to be expensive if you use these tips. You may even find that it is much cheaper than you expected!

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