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May 30, 2017 • Travel

One of the things people love to do nowadays is going to some top destinations for leisure and fun. In this era of Internet surfing, it is easy to choose a place to visit within the comfort of your home at an affordable price. Airlines and hotels advertise their discounted rates in most of the sites. With just a few clicks on your computer, you can get ready to travel to a place where your budget takes you. Now comes the hard part – since you are so excited for your travel, you want to bring your closet and even your entire room in your journey just to make sure that everything you need will be with you. But we all know that this is not possible since you only paid enough to accommodate a reasonable space for your luggage. This is when the struggle of travel planning becomes real. As a jet setter and backpacker, I can give you some tips in packing your clothes that will suit your travel lifestyle.




  1. Know Your Activities

This will help you decide what kind of clothes you have to bring in with you. You don’t have to put in all those you want but only the clothes that will be of use during the trip. If it is a summer trip and you will spend most of your time in the beach, definitely you will bring shirts in different colors, swim wear and the breezy wide-leg pants and shorts rather than corporate-inspired clothing. With this, you will lessen your options.


  1. Choose The Correct Luggage

It is better to choose the soft luggage (cloth material) than the hard case luggage since the soft is flexible and it can accommodate more as it flexes under pressure.


  1. Bring More Shirts Than Pants

Shirts can be rolled to their smallest shape to save some space inside the luggage. If you will stay for a week in 1 place, it will not hurt you if you will just bring 4 pieces of your pants/shorts and use each twice.


  1. Rolling Up

It is helpful to save space to roll up everything that can be rolled. Shirts, pants, undergarment, and towels can be done in this way. Slippers/shoes/footwear can be kept on the side. And if you want to save more space, you can keep the socks already inside the shoes before putting them in the luggage. That is, if you really want to save more space for your outfits.


  1. Remove The Unnecessary

Some luggage come with extra cover or steels on the side that consume space. You can remove all these to save the space for your clothes.


Packing your clothes gets easy once you already get used to the tips I mentioned above. And of course do not forget that the best way to pack them well is to arrange everything ahead so you will have ample time to think of what to bring and what to leave behind.

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