Best Budget Travel Destinations

March 21, 2015 • Travel

What if I told you travel didn’t have to be expensive? Would you reply in disbelief, or would you nod your head and then tell me a tale about a month spent backpacking around Thailand for less than you’d spend on your weekly commute? There are many places around the world where the costs are probably lower than where you’re from, meaning that you can buy great value with your dollar (or pound). I’m lucky enough to have travelled to over forty countries and these are my favourite budget travel destinations around the world:

1) Nicaragua

After traveling throughout most of Central America, Nicaragua stands out as a highlight. It’s got most things you might like in a holiday destination, such as beautiful beaches, lakes, wildlife, surfing, delicious food and friendly people as well as being very kind on your wallet. Much cheaper than its neighbours, such as Costa Rica which costs almost as much as the United States these days, Nicaragua is a gem in the rough and a wonderful destination.

2) Hungary

Home to Budapest, one of the most wonderful and underrated cities in Europe, Hungary is a place that’s very kind on your budget. Although I only spent my time in Budapest, I’d love to see more of this beautiful country. Budapest itself is a wonderful city, where you’ll find wonderful wine bars where you can purchase a whole bottle of wine for what you’d pay for a glass in neighboring cities, such as in Vienna. Public transport is affordable too, ensuring that you can explore more of this wonderful country without breaking your budget.

3) Vietnam

Everyone told me that Thailand was cheap, and I honestly didn’t find it as cheap as I expected, however Vietnam is super cheap. I paid some $40 for a bus pass which allowed me to go from Hanoi in the north all the way down to Saigon in the south. The passes were broken up over segments so I could stop in various places along the way. Excellent value! In Vietnam you’ll find some of the best street food in the world for cents – or dollars. It’s a great value destination that’s jam packed with fun activities to do the entire length of the country.

4) Morocco

Want to go somewhere different, that feels, smells and tastes different to probably anywhere else you’ve ever been? Then Morocco is a great destination for you. I loved wandering around the medinas, getting lost in the beautiful carpet stores and eating so much tagine that I promised myself I’d never eat it again. It’s an easy/cheap flight from many places in Europe and still offers exceptional value, no matter whether you want to backpack or splurge out a little more.

These are my top budget travel destinations. Which is your favourite budget destination that you’ve been to? Let me know in the comments below.

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