Best Places to Meet Other Travellers

May 3, 2016 • Travel

One of the worst parts of traveling solo, is the apprehensive you may feel before you set off on your trip. You might be wondering if you’ll meet anyone cool, or if your trip will be spent alone feeling sorry for yourself. In my experience, travel is as social as you want it to be. I found that there were times during my travels where I had to intentionally take time or space for myself. However, if you’re worried about meeting people or not usually very outgoing, these tips of best places to meet other travellers should help you meet new people.

1) Hostels

Hostels are by far the best place to meet other travellers because you know almost everyone there is a traveller too. While I love staying in hotels, the kind of guests you find at hostels are usually much more social, younger, and more open to spontaneous plans together. Times have changed a little, and in many hostels around the world you’ll find people glued to their phones in the common areas. As such, I think staying in a shared dorm is the best place to meet people, but if you’re over sharing rooms with people, try staying in a private room in a hostel – it’s a good balance between the two options.

Many hostels around the world have specific activities geared to get people mingling and having fun. From bar crawls to quiz nights, it will all depend on the hostel you book. I tend to look at the reviews online to make sure that the hostel I’m considering is the type of hostel I’m in the mood for based on what other people have said.

2) Tours

There are many different types of tours, from tours that span your entire holiday, to short afternoon day trips to the local markets. If you’re traveling alone and finding that you’re not meeting as many people as you wish, why not consider a tour. Even a cooking class is a great way to get introduced to new people. Obviously the longer the time with the group, the more chance to build stronger bonds, but anything short will still get you mixing with a different group of people. If you’re staying in a hostel, you’ll be able to find out this information there, but bare in mind you might find more competitive prices booking in a specialised agency.

3) Restaurants

Everyone’s gotta eat! If you find yourself eating alone in a restaurant and you notice someone else sitting alone, why not approach them and ask if they want to share a table. There’s no better way to get to know someone than sharing a lovely meal with them and you might turn a stranger into a friend. If, on the off chance, the person declines your request, don’t dwell on it. It’s great that you put yourself out there and for me it’s always better to know than wonder. Many people feel a little self conscious or bored eating alone, so definitely put yourself out there and you might be surprised by who you meet.

4) On Public Transport

If you’re taking a shuttle, bus or boat anywhere, it’s a wonderful opportunity to meet new people. You can ask them about where they have been, where they’re heading and if they have any tips that they would like to share. Obviously, traveling by private car or taxi can be a lot more comfortable, but you miss out on the social opportunities you get by traveling in a more public way!

Traveling is one of the best ways to meet people from all different walks of live. Don’t just focus on other travellers though, and make an effort to meet some local people too.

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