Best Road Trips 2018

road trip 2018

January 3, 2018 • Travel

Let’s all kick off this year with an amazing road trip to explore and to experience new places and new roads, shall we? Don’t we all love the adventure of going through the tough paths that ultimately lead us to a spectacular destination? So let’s pack our bags, put on the most comfortable clothes, rent a car and let’s go!

However, ensure you have a strong bag because it’s said that less baggage leads to a more comfortable journey. So carry lightweight things that fit in your bag. You also need to have a kit that contains all the medical equipment required if you are injured. Finally, you’ll need a map so that you don’t lose your way.

Finding a destination can certainly be challenging, so here are some destinations that will blow your mind away. Riding through the paths of the destination will surely enlighten you. And if you have lots of time, make sure you stop at every waterfall, every snowy mountain and every animal you come across, but most importantly make sure you are safe and secure.

South Africa

The journey from KwaZulu to Natal is truly a pleasure ride where you will be able to see the wonderful landscape, historic battlefields, beaches, and a lot more.


A drive in Puglia is a must this year. The apt month to travel in is February since you can enjoy great weather especially light rainfall during that season. You can even stay inside a farm to escape the noisy and polluted environment for a few days at least.

New England

New England offers glorious destinations for a road trip. But the roads from Boston to Vermont are the ones you are looking for. You can start from Boston where you can drive along the beachside. And if you are into history, you can check out museums and galleries for more details and head towards hinterland in Vermont to witness the magical powers that the place offers.

New Zealand

Make the best of your two weeks in New Zealand with big roads and big highways that lead to places like Lake Taupo, Hawke’s bay, Marlborough sounds, Queenstown and then finally from Queenstown to Auckland mainly for connecting to the UK.


Iceland is a place where you should take your whole family, especially if you have kids so that they could see how beautiful the outside world can be. Snowboarding, snowmobiling, swimming in the blue lagoon, etc. are some of the activities you can enjoy at Reykjavik in Iceland.


We all know the USA is blessed with some mind-blowing places that need to be visited by every travel enthusiast. A road trip can spice things up as you will be able to witness some spectacular views and destinations along the way. You can start from San Francisco and travel through the wine lands that will take you in beautiful valleys where you can go for wine tasting and other activities.

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