Bristol: The Sunshine City

June 17, 2016 • Travel


The city of Bristol (Pop: 442,500 approx) lies in southern England and has been a centre of historical importance since pre-history, with artefacts dating back 60,000 years being discovered in the environs of the city. In Roman times it was a settlement known as Abona, while Bristol was established way back in 1020 during Anglo Saxon rule. The small town became more prominent after the Norman invasion and subsequent middle ages.

Its climate ensures its one of the warmest cities in all of UK, with an average 1,541–1,885 hours of sunshine per annum, which makes it a popular all weather destination.  offers many eye catching guided tours of the city that allows prospective sightseers to see the city not only in its historical context but also its evolution as a modern urban centre. Their most popular tours are:


Stonehenge tour

Mysterious Stonehenge is arguably one of Europe’s oldest and most well preserved monuments and has been around since the 3rd millennium B.C. Created by a culture that has left no written records of its existence, Stonehenge remains a mystery to this day. offers a guided tour of this truly fascinating site as well as such picturesque places as the centuries old Cherhill White Horses and Avebury village. If you hop on the tour bus you will also get a chance to see up close and personal the thatched roof cottages of Sandy lane, Castle Combe and lacock village. Many of these quaint sites have been the backdrop of Hollywood blockbusters such as Stardust, Warhorse and Pride and Prejudice. offers great discounts on many of its tours.


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Places to see in Bristol

The city boasts of many tourist attractions that would enthral any visitor. Some of the more important ones include:


Bristol cathedral

The towering Bristol Church is a ‘Church of England” cathedral and was constructed back in the 11th century. Its tall limestone and well structured nave along with its crenulated parapets overwhelms the visitors with its sheer magnificence.

Bristol City Docks

It was the Napoleonic prisoners of war who dug what is colloquially referred to as the “Floating harbour” that enabled even ocean going ships to be able to dock into Bristol. Though not used as a large scale port, it’s an ideal gateway when you just want to enjoy the sight of old and new boats. Or enjoy a quiet meal next to the water’s edge in one of the myriad restaurants and cafes near the harbour.


Cabot Tower

This tower is located in a public park on Brandon Hill. It was built in the 1800s to commemorate John Cabot’s discovery of modern day Canada. Climbing the tower gives the tourist a sweeping view of the surrounding area.

St. Mary Radcliffe Church

This is an Anglican parish church located in the Radcliffe district of Bristol, England. This imposing monument of Gothic architecture was constructed over a period of 300 years from the 12th to the 15th    centuries. It’s one of the most architecturally beautiful buildings in all England.

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

The museum is open seven days a week and is a repository of everything from Egyptian mummies to Dinosaur bones to classical art. Any visit to Bristol must include this contemporary museum.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

This bridge is suspended between Avon gorge and the river Avon and links Clifton to the city of Bristol.  This tall bridge is an architectural masterpiece that spans back centuries and is a welcome addition on the tour of any visitor to Bristol.

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