Celebrating Valentine’s Day: A Global Tradition

February 5, 2020 • Travel

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. We can see lovers within the corner having fancy dates in candlelight, the scent of fresh flowers, sweet treats and chocolates, and a valentine wall art like the cupid’s arrow displayed everywhere that reminds us that love is literally in the air.

Valentine’s Day has roots in a Roman tradition known as Lupercalia celebrated yearly during the 15th of February. Wherein, to improve fertility, naked young men on their birthday suits are running and spanking gently young maidens. The tradition remained famous even right Constantine declared the official religion of the Roman Empire, which is Christianity.

Lupercalia became a Christian tradition into Saint Valentine, the Saint who illegally performed marriages under the ruling Roman Emperor Claudius II. But he is not favoring the act of Saint Valentine as a result; they executed him on the 14th of February. Today lovers all around the world honor Saint Valentine on this day.

Today, the celebration of Valentine’s depends on the country. Here is what on our bucket list on how Valentine’s is interestingly celebrated globally.

1.      Finland

No need to worry if you are still single or flying solo, Finland is the perfect place for you. You need not feel alone or worried about being left out because this country is more about celebrating with your circle of friends. In fact, they know it as “Friend’s Day” instead of Valentine’s Day. Besides their tradition, pink roses are their official flower. Also, buddies are thrilled to receive cards, sweet treats and gifts too.

2.      United Kingdom

Love is literally in the air as the British couple takes Valentine’s Day romantic. Lovers are exchanging gifts, sending flowers, and giving sweet nothing. Having a fancy dinner date or spreading candle-lit on every home.

3.      Peru

Rather than roses, many Peruvians opt to exchange orchids, which are a native flower in Peru. As an addition to their tradition, they conduct a mass for matrimony to accommodate couples that will exchange vows and I do’s on Valentine’s Day.

4.      Brazil

Brazilians do not celebrate Valentine’s Day during the 14th of February but they observe Saint Anthony, also known as the patron saint of matchmaking, and marriage. The celebration takes place every June 12 of the year.

5.      United States

Americans love to show it all during this special day. In fact, they spend 18 billion dollars on sweet treats like chocolates, candies, pieces of jewelry, flowers, and cards. Greeting cards are one of the most popular gifts but not only to their partner.  Americans are sending away cards all throughout their families, friends and even school children incorporated with notes of friendship, appreciation, and affection. Also, they attached sweet messages on their chocolate boxes like “Be Mine” and “Be my Valentine”

6.      Japan and South Korea

It is literally “Valentine’s Day for men” as these countries are favoring all men on February 14. The men are being pampered by their female partners, wherein women buy chocolates for them. Also, women do this for their colleagues, family members as a simple act of affection and appreciation.

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