A Guide to sending your Parcels to Europe

October 18, 2016 • Travel

Being able to easily and quickly post parcels to Europe is essential for any business wanting to trade internationally. With trading within the European Union still super easy to do, posting parcels overseas is stress free and one of the easiest ways to expand your business. Here’s a quick guide to posting parcels to Europe:


When posting parcels overseas it’s important to ensure that your parcels are packaged well. Cardboard boxes tend to be the best packaging as they protect all different types of items. As a general rule, be sure to get a box that fits your item as closely as possible in order to prevent it from moving around when in transit. If there is room left inside your box, always pad it out with bubble wrap, old clothing or newspaper to prevent any unwanted bumps or scrapes.



When sending parcels within Europe, it’s important to make sure that your goods are presented with the correct forms. A customs declaration, named a CN22, needs to be attached to the front of your parcel and as the sender you are legally responsible for the information included on this declaration. If you do miss any important information off of your CN22 this can lead to your parcel being seized by customs so it’s vital to take the extra time to ensure that you get it right.


Delivery to Europe is fast, with a standard delivery taking around 3-5 days. With the services of an experienced courier like TNT, you can be even more selective about your delivery times with next day delivery and 2-3-day delivery options both available. A door to door service is also available to ensure that your goods make it from your business to their designated destination in safe hands.

Prohibited Items

Some countries, despite being in the EU have certain items which are prohibited from entering the country. One of the best ways to prevent encountering any unwanted trouble with prohibited items is by checking the website of the country you’re wanting to post to to see their individual list of prohibited items.

With posting parcels to Europe as simple as that, it’s super easy for your business to expand overseas. Always make sure you mark your parcels clearly with a return address, that way should there be any problems the customs authorities will be able to locate who sent the parcel easily and return it to you in safe hands.




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