How to Keep Fit While Traveling

March 31, 2016 • Travel

One of the best things about traveling is being able to try all the local foods – from the traditional meals, to the special pastries and desserts, many of us travel with our mouths. Furthermore, often flights and transport options are devoid of healthy food choices, so we end up eating whatever we can, when we can. The result? It’s very easy to pack on the piles while traveling, even for a short trip. There’s nothing worse than being in a place you’ll probably not visit again, and being hesitant to try that incredible dessert. Here are some simple tips for how to keep fit (and slim) while traveling:

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1. Walk Around

You’ll be surprised by how many cities in the world are really walkable if you choose to tackle neighborhoods in a day rather than traversing the whole city. Walking around is a great way to see a new place as you’ll pay attention to all the little details you might otherwise miss when in a train or a car. It’s also free – which can be a great way to keep your budget looking good.

2. Consider Outdoor Activities

Why not consider a mountain bike through the highlands of Dalat in Vietnam? Or an overnight hike up one of the many beautiful volcanoes in Guatemala. You could try surfing some of the world’s best waves on the Australian beaches. Whatever your vice, try to incorporate more outdoor activities into your travel plans to ensure you’re burning those excess calories and building up some muscle mass.

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3. Consider Fasting

Hold on! I’m not saying that you give up food altogether, but there is a lot of scientific research suggesting that intermittent fasting is a great tool for managing calorie intake, a host of health issues such as acid reflux, and potentially even good for keeping your brain healthy. Who knew? Intermittent fasting can be catered to your lifestyle, you might find that simply skipping breakfast is enough to keep things in balance while you treat yourself for lunch and dinner. Please do your own research to find something that works for you.

4. Share with a Friend

If you’ve travelled around the states, then you know how big restaurant portion sizes are. They’re huge. Why not split a main meal with a friend. Not only will you be halving the cost, but you’ll also be halving the portion size, saving you the awkward decision of whether to finish a giant meal, or to waste food. If you feel that the main wasn’t quite enough to share, you can always split a dessert or another entree. This is a great way to save money and keep yourself fit and healthy while traveling.

Keeping fit while traveling doesn’t have to be a nightmare, as long as you use these tips to keep in shape.

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