How to Kill Time in an Airport

December 27, 2015 • Travel

Airport layovers can be really long, and boring. If you’re not lucky enough to have a stop over in one of my favourite airports, Chiangi Airport in Singapore, which is more like a mall than an airport, then you’ll probably find yourself staring at the clock counting down the seconds. Depending on how your brutal your flights are, a layover can be a welcomed break from being on a plane, or a way to test your ability to stay awake once you’ve surpassed your own exhaustion.

I’ve spent too much time waiting in airports, so I think I’ve come up with some good ways to pass the time. Here are my tips on how to kill time in an airport:

1) Enjoy Your Technology

If you’re traveling with a laptop, why not download your favorite shows or some good movies to keep you distracted. If you’re traveling with just a phone, why not get the Kindle app and download some books to get lost in. If the airport has wifi, you can use your phone or laptop to check on Tripadvisor to see what you can do once you’ve arrived in your destination. Or you could use the Skype app to talk to a loved one back home. Technology definitely makes it easier to pass those frustration hours quickly.

2) Strike Up a Conversation

Most people prefer to keep to themselves, which is a shame at times because every person could simply be a potential friend. If you’re bored in the airport, why not talk to the person next to you about their plans, where they’re headed or where they’ve been. My favorite way to get travel advice is from asking people who have just be there. If someone’s not in the mood to talk, don’t take it personally. You’ll never know until you push yourself outside your comfort zone and ask.

3) Walk Around and Use Those Legs

There are health concerns related to traveling on planes, such as blood clots. As such, it’s a good idea to use your legs are much as you can while you’re on a stop over. Why not walk the length of the airport and see what shops you discover. If you have a Fitbit or another type of smart device that tracks your footsteps, why not set yourself a challenge? Say 4,000 steps before you leave the airport.

4) Write Postcards

If you’re like me, perhaps you’re great at buying postcards but horrible at making the time to fill them out or post them. Using the time when you’re stuck waiting in the airport to write nice messages to loved one is a wonderful way to pass the time. Many airports also have post offices inside of them, meaning you could do both things at once. I know postcards seem outdated in a world where we can update all our friends with the touch of a button, but there’s few things that compare to receiving some mail that isn’t a bill!

Lost time stuck in an airport is one of the downsides of travel, but with these tips you’ll be killing time in the airport faster than you thought possible.

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