How to Pack for a Yacht Vacation

yacht vacation

March 22, 2018 • Travel

Summer is a favorite time of the year for a lot of people, because of the sunny weather and vacations. They often love to spend time away from their homes and jobs, go to their favorite holiday destinations or enjoy discovering new places to visit.

Best thing about this is that when they come back, they feel restful, relaxed, energetic and more motivated to continue their daily activities after the vacation. However, choosing a little different type of vacation might be a refreshing and pretty affordable idea for the upcoming summer! Yep, we are talking about enjoying the yachts rides! You can either rent it or buy it, get a captain or drive it yourself and enjoy the private time spent with your friends, family or your date!

Great thing for tourists is the point of view the companies doing this business have today when it comes to prices and comfort. Veterans in this industry, such as West Nautical for example, improved it by understanding how important more affordable prices and wide-range services are for people who want to experience this memorable adventure!

Continue reading the article to learn how to pack for your ideal vacation!


1. Luggage

When preparing your luggage, keep in mind that yachts have limited space on board. Take soft sided luggage that can be easily folded away and pack light and duffel bags so you can store it away with no worries.

Also, don’t take hard suitcases with you because it can damage the yacht’s paint and woodwork.


2. Clothing

Don’t forget to check the climate of your destination before starting the journey!

Take light summer clothes with you such as bathing suits, light t-shirts, skirts and shorts because you won’t have a place to hide from a sun when enjoying the view from the yacht’s board.

Also, don’t forget to take some nice dresses with you if you’re planning to take a rest in some restaurant.


3. Shoes

Walking on the yacht’s deck in heels or black soled shoes can also damage it or leave some unwanted marks on it.

That’s why the ideal choice is to go bare feet or take a pair of tennis shoes and white rubber soled sandals while walking around.

You can, of course, take your land shoes with you, but don’t forget to take them off once you’re back on the deck.


4. Accessories

Open sea will make you exposed to sun rays, so it’s great to take your sunglasses, headwear and a sun screen with you as well!

It’s also pretty good to take some book or music player with you to help you keep your mood cheerful.


5. Medications

Staying healthy is the far most important thing if you want to have great memories on your holiday.

Even though some disease or trouble won’t necessarily occur, don’t relax too much and don’t forget to take some basic meds with you.


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