How you can win a trip to Ibiza this summer

June 29, 2016 • Travel

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably got a few things you need to do in the lead-up to summer. Booking a holiday is a must, and Europe is calling, but long winter nights and a bit too much comfort food may also mean that you need to get yourself in shape so you can look great on the beach.

Luckily, MaxNutrition is giving you the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Their new competition has an amazing prize, and you can win a trip for you and two friends to Ibiza.

All you have to do is enter and commit to working towards one of the best bodies in the country. Check out the video with DJ Locksmith which will help you get motivated so you can make the most of this excellent opportunity.

ibiza 2

All you’ll need to do is enrol in one of MaxNutrition’s excellent nutrition and workout programmes for 30 days. The programme is one of the best ways to ensure you lose weight while also getting fit, and if you win the prize you’ll get hotels and flights for both you and your mate, you’ll receive £500 of spending money, and all three of you will get VIP entry to the Ibiza Beautiful People boat party and Ibiza Rocks.

For many people wanting to lose weight and tone up, the hardest part can be motivation. After all, most diets are incredibly restrictive. However having a deadline of just 30 days is a great way to ensure you stay committed as the end will be in sight- you can do anything for a month.

If you want to get ready before the competition begins, it’s a good idea to make some small changes. Consider cutting out soda and replacing it with water to begin with. Then focus on cutting down your carbs and replacing them with good fats and lots of protein. This will keep you satisfied and make sure you don’t feel hungry, while avoiding the huge insulin spikes and subsequent weight-gain that comes with eating a lot of carbs.

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While exercise plays an important part in toning up and losing weight, it’s important that you’re doing it well. That means avoiding long, drawn-out cardio and instead going for high intensity interval training. Running sprints on the treadmill and doing exercises that get your heart rate up while working lots of muscles like jump-squats, burpies, and ski-jumps are all great options, as are programs like Insanity.

Did you know that the more sugar you eat, the more sugar you crave? That’s right, eating that donut gives you the urge to shove five more in your mouth, since these types of food actually have the same effect on your brain as cocaine. That’s why it’s a good idea to detox these foods from your diet in the few days leading up to the competition.

Sign up here today, and you’ll be on your way to losing weight, getting fit, and going on the holiday of a lifetime.

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