Best Luxury Places in Europe to Visit This Summer

Places in Europe

April 25, 2018 • Travel

This time of the year is the period when people should sit down and decide which places in Europe they wish to visit this year, whom they will choose as their company and, of course, what’s the budget that can be spent. Summer is getting closer and closer and so are our preparations for the summer holiday!

The budget is one of the most important factors. And, if you have separated some extra money for the upcoming holiday and you plan on visiting some of the Places in Europe you will have zero regrets when going back home! Webjet cruise deals, crazy partying, going on different tours and enjoying the best hotels – these are just some of the activities you can afford if your budget can take it. If you’re ready to pack your bags and have an unforgettable summer, continue reading the article!

Luxury places in Europe

1.    Monaco

If some of the places in Europe is famous for the luxury life, that definitely is Monaco! This French place is a symbol of money and luxury – if you go out for a walk, you will be surrounded by the expensive cars, restaurants and yachts in the harbor. Monaco is not a big city. It is more like a medieval village created from the combination of significant culture and history and the luxury modern life.

2.    Ibiza

Ibiza is another very famous place for the tourists all around the world. It is best known for awesome partying and a general feeling of energy that goes through the cities of this Spaniard place. But, Ibiza is also a beautiful island with a lot of stunning views. And these views come from the hotel rooms you can stay in! Here, you also have a chance to meet some celebrities from different industries that come to enjoy the holiday.

3.    Mykonos

This Greek island is famous for two things : partying and celebrities. Ever since Jacky Kennedy visited the place, Mykonos started becoming a famous destination for celebrities and jet set. However, it is a beautiful place with stunning beaches, luxury restaurants and a lot of clubs and bars that will entertain you when the night comes!

4.    Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez is yet another place famous for being visit by many millionaires that enjoy the lux life. However, until 50s, this place was not famous at all. It was nothing more than a fishing town. The views, awesome nightlife, great weather, the yachts, the beaches, the crystal blue water- Saint Tropez has it all! Also, if you’re a history lover, you’ll find Saint-Tropez very interesting because of the history behind it!

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