Mainland Vs Island

August 12, 2019 • Travel

The debate of whether visiting mainland or an island as a tourist dates back to 1950’s-1960’s when massive tourism and first organized all-inclusive excursions started occurring thus boosting many countries’ economies . But what are their main differences and do they even have some similarities?


Let’s start with the ones who favor inland. They claim that most places are more easily accessible either by car or by train or by bus. And they definitely have a point. Actually, nowadays, road networks are so well-spread that no land destination seems far away anymore. Besides, the main advantage of these resorts is that they are not that much affected by weather conditions. Only in cases of extreme phenomena do they face problems and their guests may find themselves trapped due to a hailstorm or a downfall for instance. Apart from that, more choices are to be provided as sometimes there are a few villages or towns around your accommodation. Thus, you can have lunch in a city, you can enjoy dinner in another place by the sea and go clubbing in another town afterwards. Within a few minutes ride or walking distance, you can find yourself in a totally different landscape that sincerely cheers you up.


On the other hand, the choice of an island seems pretty interesting and exciting at the same time. Unless there isn’t such a choice, an island is an ideal place to spend some blithe time with family or friends for a number of reasons. For a start, most islands like the ones in the Mediterranean Sea have got endless beaches that can really make the difference between relaxation and eventful life. Moving on, beach bars and seaside concerts are capable of transforming a whole holiday experience with constant dancing, marvelous cocktails and great songs by your favorite artists. If these were not enough, you should definitely check out a lavish villa to stay. More specifically, lavish Mykonos villas by Clubzak are a chance not to be missed if Greece is next in your travelling list. The high levels of comfort are combined with exceptional standards of services there. For the past fifteen years Clubzak Mykonos villas take fantastic care of their guests. They are decorated by the best interior designers and they can be found just over some of the most famous Mykonos beaches such as Paraga, Kalo Livadi and Ftelia. All of them include private pools, extra-comfy mattresses or even private DJs, chaffeurs, chefs and many more. You can make your booking online without having to mess or discomfort yourself with calling. 93% of the clients are satisfied with their visit to these mansions so why are you still thinking of it?!


No matter what your plans are, an exotic trip, especially during the summertime, is always a perfect decision. It will give you the unique opportunity to get away from the hectic pace of everyday life, forget about problems at work and recharge your physical and mental batteries. All you have to do is put each year a little money aside so as to rest by the plop of the waves or the rustling of the mountain trees. Just picture it…Isn’t it like music to your ears?

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